Graduation in the past have been in person and this year will not be any different, with the exception of it being during COVID-19.

The 2021 Graduation Commencement is just around the corner, and staff and students are making the final preparations for the event.

For the spring and winter 2020 graduation ceremonies, both were held virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

It was announced in March that the spring 2021 graduation commencement ceremony would be held in-person, with the different colleges separated.

Originally, only two tickets were given to seniors graduating; however, it was later changed to three.

There are currently 1,720 students graduating this semester. Those graduating in August are also encouraged to participate.

“The Commencement committee has done an incredible job in their thinking and planning, balancing health and safety concerns with a desire to provide an in-person recognition of our graduates,” IUP President Michael Driscoll said in an IUP press release.

To follow the CDC health and safety guildelines due to the COVID-19 pandemic, IUP will be hosting four separate ceremonies. They will be held in the Kovalchick Convention and Athletic Center (KCAC).

The graduate ceremony, for students receiving their master’s and doctoral degrees, will be at 7 p.m., Friday.

Three undergraduate ceremonies will take place Saturday.

The students in the College of Education and Communications, College of Fine Arts and College of Humanities and Social Sciences will have their commencement at 8:30 a.m.

Those in the Eberly College of Business and Information Technology and the John J. and Char Kopchick College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics will commence at 12:30 p.m.

Finally, those in the College of Health and Human Services will have their commencement at 4:30 p.m.

Social distancing recommendations will be addressed and followed. There is also a requirement of facial coverings or masks.

Hand sanitizer will be available at the door of the KCAC, as well as masks for those who do not have one.

For those unable to attend, the graduation ceremony will be broadcast live on IUP’s YouTube channel. Links to the broadcast are available at


After the ceremony, the video recorded during the livestream will be available for watching anytime. Each livestream will begin 15 minutes before the actual start.

“Commencement is a very special time for our university,” Driscoll said. “It’s very important to our graduates and their families, and it’s also a highlight for everyone here who has watched our students work hard to achieve this important goal.”

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