Some people start decorating for the holidays as early as Halloween.

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The debate of when it becomes acceptable to put up decorations for Christmas is ongoing and has the humorous potential to be a relatively touchy topic with certain people. 

Everyone has something to say about it. Some are extremely dramatic about the necessity for early decorating, while others couldn’t possibly care less about the pressure for the “too early for decorations” debate and will insist upon this stance so adamantly that it almost makes you question their indifference. 

“Once it’s after Thanksgiving, that’s when you can decorate that’s when you can listen to Christmas music,” Thea McCullough (junior, fashion merchandising) said. “Because people skip Thanksgiving, and it’s sad because Thanksgiving is a really great holiday. 

“I still think [although it was a week later this year] that it should all be after Thanksgiving. Also, I hate Christmas music before Thanksgiving.”  

With the encouragement to accelerate the holidays as much as humanly possible, folks decide to put up Christmas trees and blow up yard decor as early as mid-November. 

Personally, I find the eagerness to speed up and prolong the rush and overwhelming consumerism of the Christmas holiday to be exhausting and discouraging (despite the undeniable fact that certain Christmas lights can be beyond pleasing to the eye on late-night drives).  

“My family has always started decorating before Thanksgiving,” Danielle Zdrale (junior, marketing) said. “Like the weekend before Thanksgiving we start decorating [and] we use a fake tree, so it’s kind of different from usual. But yeah, everything is out before Thanksgiving. 

“For music, I start listening as soon as it starts coming on the radio and stuff. I start listening to it probably in the middle of November.” 

This year, conditions were favorable for an even earlier push for the decorating timeline. Because Thanksgiving was an entire week later this November, many who usually would take the side of “too soon” threw away their previous inhibitions and began digging out the ornaments, bells, ribbons and wreaths earlier than ever before. 

“We usually decorate after Black Friday, so we start that Saturday, and we get a real tree, so we usually do it all like the first week of December so that all of the little ornaments don’t fall off,” Olivia Tavoletti (junior, marketing) said. “As for Christmas music, it’s pretty much just whenever I’m in the mood, I guess. Sometimes I’ll even listen to Christmas songs in like July, too. But officially, I probably start like after Thanksgiving or during the week of Thanksgiving.” 

While some feel immense pressure and stress to get the preparations done as quickly as possible, others find it simple to enjoy the beginning, middle and end of the holiday season with grace and the spirit of giving still going strong. 

“I start decorating for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving and start listening to Christmas music in the beginning of November, since I don’t like Thanksgiving,” Isabelle Jabour (sophomore, geology) said. 

 “I usually start [preparing and] buying Christmas gifts for people on Black Friday because of the sales, and the idea of preparing [for it all] makes me more excited [than stressed out] because I like to give back to people and show them how much I love them.” 

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