Dr. Tammy Manko (featured) and Carol Kinsey Goman will be at the panel being held by the Six O’Clock Series on Monday.

The Six O’Clock Series is presenting a discussion on the importance of establishing leadership Monday.

Dr. Tammy Manko, director of the Career and Professional Development Center, will be discussing how being seen and respected as a leader in the workplace contributes toward professional and life success.

“Leadership presence is critical to professional and life success – no matter how you define success,” Manko said.

“We will discuss how to establish credibility, build and increase confidence, maintain composure, create connection with others and display charisma, all of which contribute to one’s leadership presence.”

The COVID-19 pandemic brought about a lot of uncertainty and ambiguity, highlighting the need for an adaptable leader in order to deal with these situations swiftly and efficiently.

Manko has more than 20 years of higher education experience, owning and operating MeaningfulLife, a public speaking, training and development organization.

She has both a master’s degree in student affairs in higher education and a doctorate in educational leadership, with further expertise in body language and communication, professional development, career readiness, professional networking, leadership and various other areas.

This series’ focus will provide insight on the qualities that build an executive presence. While some may have a more natural-born leadership presence, everyone is encouraged to join this Six O’Clock Series.

“We all have the capacity to lead, and some are more natural leaders than others, but we can all learn skills and behaviors that will improve our ability to lead and help us to establish more leadership presence,” Manko said.

“As we stretch our executive presence, we will find that we are more effective in most areas of our life.”

Leaders are needed in every aspect of society, in any career, even in roles that are not necessarily considered leading roles in a work environment.

A worker’s attitude affects the environment’s mood and work ethic. Leaders are not only supervising roles, but leaders also guide and create a sense of purpose, building self-esteem and motivation in the working environment that will extend to all parts of life.

“This program will be worth attending for those that want to grow beyond their current professional and leadership skills levels,” Manko said.

“It will be time well spent as we explore how to overcome imposter syndrome and confidence blockers, improve our ability to connect with others, exercise charisma, and communicate most effectively to meet our professional goals and help our organizations be successful.”

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