Kelsey DeLozier (senior, history and English pre-law) is a founder and president of United Against Islamophobia.

Kelsey DeLozier (senior, history and English pre-law) is graduating in only three years and is an incredibly active member of the IUP community. 

She’s a founder and the current president of United Against Islamophobia (UAI); an initiate adviser for Phi Sigma Pi, a national honor society; and works at The Haven Project and at the library media desk. She does all this while enrolling in 18 credits at IUP. 

“During my first semester, when I was taking 15 credits, I didn’t have as much to do, which is what got me really involved on campus,” DeLozier said.

Dr. Christine Baker, UAI’s faculty adviser, said DeLozier was engaged with the idea from the very start. 

“She took it upon herself to write the constitution and get all the paperwork passed,” Baker said. “She did all of the paper work that was involved.”

DeLozier said the impetus to start UAI came after witnessing a rise in Islamophobia after the recent presidential election. 

Her desire is to provide support to those affected by Islamophobia and to educate those who mitigate the occurrences.  

DeLozier plays an integral part on the Haven Project’s social media. She helps plan events such as Take Back the Night, a march to raise sexual assault awareness, and RAINN Day, a day-long event to educate campuses, support survivors and take a stand against sexual assault. 

When DeLozier first applied, she did not get a job at the Haven Project, but she stayed on as a volunteer and was eventually offered to come on as an employee. 

DeLozier, who entered IUP as a social studies education major, decided to change to pre-law after writing a paper on a legal case in her English 101 class. 

“I didn’t want to do criminal law,” DeLozier said, “but there are so many niche areas of law that you can go into. It was easy to decide.”

This eventually led her to add sports management as a minor due to her interest in a career in sports law. 

DeLozier, who joined Phi Sigma Pi after receiving the email to join the fraternity, could not be more pleased with the organization. 

“I really think it’s an amazing group of people,” DeLozier said, “and you still get to focus on your scholarship and maintaining your grades. I’ve met some of my best friends there.” 

DeLozier said she became an initiate advisor in the organization because it had given her so much and she wanted to give back to the organization. 

DeLozier said that UAI is her “baby,” but Phi Sigma Pi has become her “home” on campus. 

Both of these organizations mean a great deal to her, and she said she loves being a part of them. 

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