Maura King has been appointed to serve on IUP’s Council of Trustees. She is a sophomore in early childhood/special education and was approved at the April 15 meeting.

An IUP student has been appointed to serve as a student trustee on the IUP Council of Trustees.

Maura King (sophomore, early childhood/special education) was approved to serve in this position by the Pennsylvania State System board of Governors at its April 15 meeting.

King’s term as student trustee will begin when Abigaelle Vertil (senior, psychology), who is the current student trustee, graduates in May. She will serve in this position until she graduates in spring 2023.

“The Council of Trustees, the university’s main governing body, has one student member,” according to “To be eligible for this position, a student must be in good academic and student conduct standing and must have significant leadership experience and strong communication skills, with an expected graduation date no sooner than two years from the start of his or her appointment.

“He or she will be appointed yearly by the chair of the Council of Trustees to serve on trustee committees and other committees as appropriate, serve on the Student Congress Executive Board as ex-officio, attend quarterly meetings of the Council of Trustees, participate in commencement ceremonies and other official functions of the university and chair the next search committee for the student trustee position.”

King applied for this position due to her passion for education and her desire to be an advocate for the students of IUP.

“I applied for the position because of my love of education and IUP,” King said. “As an education major, I greatly value the importance of education and the positive impact that it has on families, schools, and communities.”

“Also, I want to share my enthusiasm and support for the university and the students by being a student advocate,” she said.

She was taken aback but excited when she discovered that she had been selected for the position.

“When I first learned that I was selected for the student trustee position I was very surprised, excited and honored.”

King is an active member of the IUP community both academically and as a student leader.

“At IUP, I am involved in the Cook Honors College, IUP Ambassadors and the Catholic Student Association,” King said.

“In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, playing piano, crafting, and being outdoors,” she said. “I also really enjoy playing soccer and watching football and basketball.”

King credits IUP’s education department with being an integral part of her academic and personal journey.

“The education department has really helped me in my personal, academic, and professional journey.”

“The education professors truly lead by example in their teaching practices and have prepared me with the skills and qualities needed to be an effective teacher and leader,” King said. “Specifically, Dr. [Anson] Long and Dr. [Joann] Migyanka have been very supportive towards my personal and educational growth.”

King has plans to advance her education and follow her professional dreams of teaching children after she graduates from IUP.

“I will graduate in the spring of 2023,” she said. “After graduating from IUP, I plan to find an elementary teaching job close to home and obtain my master's degree in education.”

More information about the IUP Council of Trustees and the student trustee position can be found at

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