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Students enjoy pregame festivities prior to IUP football’s season opener against New Haven. 

Saturday marked IUP’s first football game of the season and the new tailgating policy. 

Students, faculty and Indiana residents came out to support the Crimson Hawks. 

Different organizations had tents up during the tailgate. There were also many games and food options available inside and outside of the stadium. 

People parked their cars in the designated lot, opened their trunks and relaxed on their lawn chairs during the pre-game tailgate. 

Many residents and students came a few hours early outside the stadium to socialize and eat before the game. 

Homemade buffalo chicken dip, chips and beer were noticeably present during the tailgate, and students, faculty and residents seemed to thoroughly enjoy the new policy.  

Many alumni were there supporting the football game and utilizing the new socializing opportunity. 

“I love the atmosphere here at IUP football games, and I love the IUP pride,” Lauren J. (2009 undergraduate, 2013 graduate alumna) said. “It makes me excited to go to the football games, and it’s nice to meet up with IUP Ambassadors, too.” 

The alumni seemed to love how the new policy was bringing more people together to socialize and enjoy the game more. 

“IUP’s new tailgating policy is awesome,” Alec Martin (2018 alumnus, accounting) said. “There is a lot of student engagement, and that’s how IUP brings people together.”

Indiana residents who came to support the Crimson Hawks also believed the new tailgating policy was a touchdown for IUP. 

“I never tend to come to these events even though I live in the area, but I really do like that we are allowed to drink,” Lia Demarco said.

“I love the new policy,” Ricky Byerly said. “It’s about time they lightened up a bit, enjoyed the festivities and enjoy the game and tailgating after the game.”

Students believe the new policy will allow more students and town residents to attend the game, bringing the entire Indiana community together. 

“I think IUP’s new tailgating policy is a great idea, and hopefully it’ll make the games more popular in its attendance,” Rebecca Shellenbarger (junior, finance) said. “It’s a great community builder and a great way for students to come out and get together to represent the IUP community.” 

Some students think the policy should’ve been enacted a while ago.

“I absolutely love this new tailgating policy,” Frank Hako (senior, marketing) said. “It’s amazing. Finally. This should’ve been a policy offered to the IUP and Indiana community since I was a freshman.” 

Many know that drinking can be a negative thing but realize that having proper authority like University Police and responsible, legal adults drinking can be a safe and fun way to enjoy the games. 

“I do really like the policy,” Kyle Varone (senior, marketing) said. “I think it’s probably going to draw more interest to the games. As long as everyone is responsible about tailgating and drinking, I think it’s a good thing for the university.”

“It’s going to bring more attention the games,” Malloreigh Yingling (junior, international studies) said. “I feel like a lot of students refrain from coming because they don’t have that ‘party’ or community atmosphere. 

“I think that students who are of age and can drink like the fact that they’re able to come early to the game, socialize and drink and eat. As long as students are following the policy and as long as people underage aren’t coming down and drinking, I think this new policy is a very positive and beneficial aspect to the IUP community and the football games.” 

In general, people think the new tailgating policy aids to the overall football experience. 

“The new policy is great,” Kamrynn Wantz (junior, communications media) said. “It’s bringing everyone together People are attending the games more and students are more excited about the overall IUP football experience.”

The new tailgating policy was a hit, according to the many people who participated in it. The football team also pulled out a win itself.

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