The library has extended hours to allow more studying time during finals week.

With finals just around the corner and warm weather attempting to push through the rain April and May brings, students are preparing for finals, projects and last-minute assignments. 

Whether a first-year student, or a fourth-year student, students prepare for finals differently. That holds true for individuals, too. Some students prepare for finals by studying in the library, while others prepare by studying at home. 

Students have different services on campus available to them to help them throughout the year and may be utilizing them now, especially since finals are just about here. Tutoring services in Stabley Library are available throughout the semester, but depending on the tutor, he or she may extend hours or add days available to students to help them prepare for finals. 

Talking to professors also can be a useful tool. Office hours are still available, and students can go over material one-on-one with professors. 

Some students go about studying for finals by prioritizing organization first. They may lay out each final’s schedule and prepare by that, or they may do it by which course material they feel they know better than another. 

“I organize my time and for what I need to do first,” Kadar Lee (junior, communications media) said. “That way I have time for what I want to do. Of course, there’s that occasional slip up, but when you have something to do, you just have to do it.” 

A lot of students utilize the library’s extended finals week hours. If in the same class as others, a lot of students will study in groups.  

“I force myself to go to the library to study with friends, and we help each other stay focused and study,” Allison Smith (junior, early childhood/special education) said. “I don’t tend to study outside just because my allergies are so bad.” 

Some make sure they are still going to the gym and working out, as exercising tends to lower stress levels. Students may also cut back on distractions, such as social media, so they can focus more on their studies. 

“I exercise a little bit, and don’t go on social media as much,” Nicholas Joseph (freshman, psychology) said. “I study more on the weekends and go to the library.” 

As you prepare for finals, utilize every resource and service that the campus offers. Professors’ office hours, tutoring and fellow classmates are great resources that can help you prepare for the spring semester finals.

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