IUP has multiple opportunities for students to pursue and achieve scholarships.

Multiple IUP students have won awards and scholarships this past month.

At IUP, many students have the opportunity to earn awards and scholarships that can help them advance their academic career, as well as help them achieve goals set for themselves.

Doctoral Student Selected for

English Language Specialist Project

A doctoral student at IUP has been selected for a teaching project in Central Asia.

Jimalee Sowell of IUP’s composition and applied linguistics program was selected by the U.S. Department of State to participate in a teaching project that focuses on preparing Central Asian teachers to make presentations at international meetings.

The program began in 1991 and now supports 150 projects per year. The specialist program, of which Sowell was selected for, is conducted by the Center for Intercultural Education and Development at Georgetown University.

Sowell is president of the Composition and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Association, as well as a member of Phi Kappa Phi. She works at the writing center and is section editor of IUP’s “Inspiring Pedagogical Connections.”

“I worked as an English language fellow in Bangladesh and the Ivory Coast in the past,” Sowell said. “My experiences in these fellowships and in the PhD program at IUP helped me develop specialized skills.”

These skills are what led her to be selected to take part in the English Language Specialist project.

Sowell needed to write conference abstracts, a standalone piece on what a piece of work is about. She wrote an article, “How to Write an ELT Conference Abstract,” which was published in English Teaching Forum in 2019.

“In the process of writing that article, I developed expertise on the topic of conference abstracts,” Sowell said. “When the U.S. needed someone to help train teachers in the Central Asian region, they reached out to me to see if I could work on this project.”

To qualify for this role, you need to be a specialist. You need to have a master’s or doctoral degree in TESOL or a related field, and some sort of specialized experience or expertise. Sowell will be conducting her role virtually.

“I will be working with English language instructors in the Central Asian countries of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan,” Sowell said.

“I am looking forward to working with these teachers on writing conference abstracts and learning more about their teaching contexts,” Sowell said. “I am also looking forward to learning about the cultures in this region.”

During their projects, the English Language Specialist may be a part of teaching training, advise ministries of education or participate in high-level educational consultations, and offer plenary presentations at regional, national or international TESOL conferences.

Sowell is also currently working on her dissertation, which is focused on teaching writing within large, multi-level English as a Foreign Language (EFL) contexts.


Three IUP students have been chosen as recipients of a 2021 psychology scholarship.

Rebecca Ettore (junior, psychology), Dominique Harris and Alexis Tavalsky are three psychology students that have received the 2021 IUP Stanley W. Lore Psychology scholarship.

The scholarship was originally established in 1987 by the psychology department at IUP to honor the original chairperson and one of the founders, Stanley Lore. He was quintessential in what was the development of the psychology major in 1964 and the development of the department in 1967.

Professors like Lore were necessary for the STEM program at IUP to develop and to provide more opportunities to students in more areas than just education majors.

Typically, there are one to three recipients of the scholarship, and there were three students who were able to excel and achieve this goal this year. It is a renowned scholarship within the department and a very high honor to be the recipient of it.

According to the IUP press release, Ettore is from Pittsburgh. She is on the dean’s list here at IUP and is also a provost scholar.

She is a member of three fraternities: Phi Sigma Pi honors fraternity, Psi Chi psychology honors fraternity and Phi Kappa Phi honors society. She is also the social chair of the Phi Sigma Pi honors fraternity.

Being the social chair for the Phi Sigma Pi means that Ettore is responsible for organizing events that highlight the organization and its goals and purposes. This is an important job for any fraternity or group.

“It always feels good to receive a reward and be recognized for your hard work but receiving the Stanley W. Lore Scholarship just brings a whole different realm of emotions to me,” Rebecca Ettore said. “Knowing that the psychology faculty hand-picked me (and the two other recipients) for this scholarship makes me feel like my accomplishments did not go unforeseen.”

Harris is from Jim Thorpe, Pa., and is another recipient of the award.

Harris is a part of the Phi Sigma Pi honors fraternity and the Psi Chi psychology honors fraternity. In an act of service and community, Harris also volunteers with IUP Food Pantry and Help Center.

Because of Harris’ outstanding work, she is not only the recipient of the Stanley Lore Scholarship, but also the recipient of the Sutton Scholarship and the Albert R. Pechan Award.

The final recipient of the scholarship is Tavalsky. Tavalsky from Johnstown, Pa.

“The IUP community has supported me in my aspirations by providing many opportunities on campus to get involved academically and offering various academic resources to support you along the way which has helped me greatly,” Ettore said. “The supportiveness of the IUP community has also made my time and experience here so worthwhile. The people you meet and the connections you make will truly last a lifetime.”

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