Thanksgiving not only gives students a chance to chow down on coma-inducing turkey, but it also opens an opportunity to catch up on assignments and sleep.

As we near Thanksgiving break, what are students really excited for?

Thanksgiving break is a time for college students to see their families, relax and spend some time at home before they wrap up the semester.  Since IUP doesn’t have a fall break, and Thanksgiving is the latest that it can be this year, many students are ready to go home now more than ever. 

In response to a Twitter poll with 41 responses about what students are most excited for during break, 63 percent of people said Thanksgiving dinner, 32 percent of people said Black Friday shopping and 5 percent said football.  

“I’m excited for dinner because I appreciate home-cooked meals more now since I’m in college,” Angela Plazio (sophomore, nursing) said. 

“This semester is long, and break is a week later than what it usually is, so I’m sure that many students are ready to go home and regroup for final exams,” Mason Carothers (junior, health and phys ed) said. 

Many students also plan events such as “friendsgivings” in order to make this last week enjoyable before break. 

“I’m just ready to go home and see my family,” Meghan Mccreary (senior, nutrition and dietetics) said. “I love being at school, but this semester has been a killer, so it’s time for a break.”

According to The Odyssey, the top 11 reasons why college students look forward to Thanksgiving break are going home, a nice, hot shower, sleeping in a big bed, family, pets, hometown friends, catching up on some much needed sleep, home-cooked meals, Thanksgiving dinner and eating hometown delicacies. 

At this point in the semester, many college students refer to Thanksgiving break as a “tease” for winter break.  At IUP this year, it really is a tease.  Students are gone for a week, then come back for one week of classes and finals, then it’s time to go home again. 

For many international students, though, still have to stay on campus because their cultures don’t celebrate the holiday.  Many of them, they will be here for a whole week with limited things to do, but the dining hall still has hours open for them.. 

Many students and families travel every year for Thanksgiving.  Some people go on cruises, vacations or go to visit old friends or family. 

“Thanksgiving is a holiday when people can celebrate it however they want to whereever they want to,” Alexis Smith, (junior, pre-med) said. 

Each family may celebrate Thanksgiving differently, but it all means the same thing: an opportunity to rest, catch up on assignments and to gorge on leftovers until the next feast, Christmas.

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