Students could access their midterm grades on MyIUP starting Monday at 9 a.m.

Midterm grades came out in week seven, which was the first time IUP required professors to post grades so early. 

The reason for midterm grades being posted so early compared to prior years and semesters is because the university wants students to be able to see their grades before registering for classes.

Another reason is to allow students to have more time to boost their grades, which lets them get extra help by meeting with their professors and their advisers. 

It seemed to be divided whether the grades were useful, as some professors had a decent amount of work to put in, while others didn’t have a lot of work to grade. 

As a result of not having a lot of heavy-weighted grades in to have a balanced midterm grade, even though midterm grades came out Monday, some students are just now taking exams. 

“Right now, my professors are still giving me exams and assignments,” Zainab A. Ahmed (sophomore, political science) said. “All of my classes, I have exams this week even though midterm grades were released Monday. 

“I’m in the situation where I have to prepare for midterms despite midterm grades already coming out. I’ve noticed that a lot of students are studying more for their midterm exams and assignments.” 

A lot of students use midterm grades to see where they stand in their classes. Students often put themselves in high gear to ensure they’re keeping up with assignments, meeting with professors and advisers and are understanding the material and class concepts well. 

“A way I’m preparing for my classes after midterms is that I’m reading my syllabus more and making sure I’m up to date with my assignments,” Angaziya Malenge (sophomore, sociology) said. “I’m getting more proactive with my professors and staying on track of things like assignments and my grades.” 

“I’m also meeting with my professors during their office hours a lot more and trying to be more organized and in line with future work.” 

Some students, especially freshmen, use midterms as a trial-and-error method, meaning they see where they stand and will compare that to the methods they were using prior to complete assignments and study to see if they need to change or continue their methods. 

“Following midterms, I’m getting back on track by studying at least a week before my exams,” Pee Yar (freshman, physician assistant) said. “I believe this technique I’m getting into after midterm grades will benefit me and help me study better and memorize more. 

“I also plan on getting my work done earlier during the week so I can have more time to study. This first semester in college, I’ve learned how to manage my time in an organized manner and study in a way that beneficial toward my learning and my studies.” 

Students, especially freshmen should know that midterms do not mean a final grade. After this week, students will have approximately seven more weeks to continue to work hard and bring their grades up if they’re not completely satisfied with where they stand. 

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