Autumn Dorsey - 9.12.19

Tuesday’s power outage on campus brought classes and organizations to a halt. It lasted from 1:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. During this time, WIUP-FM cut transmission while the Hadley Union Building food court was forced to close early.

With all the buzz and confusion on campus because of the recent power outage, it seems only few have shed light for the students here at IUP about the blackout that occurred in Indiana Tuesday. 

According to 101.1 FM, WCCS RadioThe Voice of Indiana County, “Indiana Fire Association was called out to the corner of Water Street and Jimmy Avenue at 12:04 p.m. for a report of lines down.” 

However, despite the power being turned back on since Tuesday night, students still feel irked by the impact the blackout had on them. 

For some students, the power outage was extremely bothersome, especially because IUP had not kept any of them updated during the situation. 

For Patrick Cone (senior, communications media), a radio host on the school station, the power outage was a big deal. 

“The power outage really impacted my show since the first power surge took our transmitter off the airwaves,” Cone said. 

“This means my show wasn't going out to the radio listeners. When the power completely went out, my show completely got cut and meant that no one could listen to the playlist I had ready for my show. Not only did my playlist not go out to the listeners, but also, my mom, as she always does, made sure to catch my show, but the power outage meant she made her work schedule work around my radio show all for nothing. So I'm a little miffed that the student body wasn't even informed about the reason for this or updates on the power outage.” 

Some students got lucky from the power outage because certain classes were canceled. 

Jess Powell (sophomore, psychology), stated the blackout “got [her] out of math class, so [she isn't] complaining.” 

Other students were not so lucky and found the power outage to be extremely annoying. Some students still even had to attend classes despite the darkness. 

 “I was at North Dining Hall when the blackout started, and the power just randomly went out while I was eating,” Mike Hall (junior, computer science) said. 

“I had first thought it was just a North Dining Hall problem, but some friends were messaging me saying the whole campus had lost power as well. When I got back to my apartment after eating, I had also lost power there as well. So it seemed to me like most of Indiana was out of power.

“Then, in class [Tuesday], we had to literally use the flashlights on our phones to see during a lecture because class still resumed even though it was pitch black in the classroom. And, with full honesty,  I couldn't see anything at all the whole class. I was just so confused as to why the power even went out in the first place. It was a nice day out today, too.” 

Overall, no matter what the individual situation was for each student, the lack of updates from the university and certain classes and programs being hugely impacted in a negative way during the whole ordeal, the blackout in Indiana was a very disappointing time for everybody. 

“It just really killed the vibe for the whole day,” Leah Natushko (senior, communications media) said.

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