The ROTC wellness class learned about and saw three Black Hawk helicopters May 1 as a part of class.

Students in the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) dimensions of wellness class were shown receiving instruction on the UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter May 1 from pilots and crew chiefs of the Pennsylvania Army National Guard out of Johnstown.

The class observed three Black Hawks land on the practice field behind Miller Stadium. They had the opportunity to learn about the aircraft and have a seat inside.

The IUP Army ROTC program provides an opportunity for non-ROTC students to fulfill their dimensions of wellness requirement through modified military science 101 and 102. Students receive one lecture and one lab each week. 

Lecture is designed to reach the audial and visual learning styles while lab focuses on kinesthetic, or hands-on learning.

In the classroom, students learn military rank structure, customs and courtesies, topographical map reading, time management, goal setting, public speaking principles, and military movement formations. 

During lab, students participate in circuit physical fitness training, cardio fitness, obstacle courses, land navigation practical exercises, military movement drills, marching drills and take the Army Physical Fitness Test.

Cadets in the Army ROTC assist in facilitating labs. 

A senior cadet works hand-in-hand with the instructors to plan, resource, and execute each lab as part of their development as a future Army Officer. The planning phase for each labs starts several weeks in advance and cadets draft supply requests and conduct rehearsals under the leadership of the senior cadet in charge.

Tuesday’s lab was the final lab for the spring 2018 semester and the final lab for Cadet Jordyn Johnson, this year’s senior cadet in charge of ROTC dimensions of wellness. 

Johnson is graduating with a bachelor of science in marketing and will receive a commission as an active duty Military Intelligence Officer. 

She was recently recognized as a Distinguished Military Graduate for performing in the top 20 percent of all ROTC Cadets in the nation and maintained the highest overall fitness score in the ROTC program. 

There are more than 6,000 ROTC Cadets commissioned as second lieutenants each year.

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