One popular way of expressing love is writing a song for your significant other. The only problem some run into is following through with the singing.

Valentine’s Day has been hated and loved intermittently by all. 

Everyone holds a different opinion, and the debate about V-Day is never-ending. Love Day can be about whatever you choose, whether that be romantic love or spreading love to anyone you encounter Feb. 14th. 

“Valentine’s Day is just another holiday to me,” Cassidy Newman (junior, biology) said. 

“I don't hate it or love it, but if I have someone to celebrate with, it’s great. I think you can share Valentine’s Day with anybody [because] it’s not about love, but togetherness. I think that love is seeing someone for who they truly are and accepting all parts of them.” 

Some believe Valentine’s Day has been commercialized to the max, but others believe that the small things are what it is really all about. Spending time with whoever you love most and ensuring they know how much they mean to you is one of the most positive ways to spend the day, and realistically, one of the best ways to spend any day. 

“I think that Valentine’s Day is cute, but some people take it too seriously,” Sadie Jobe (junior, English writing studies) said. “You shouldn’t expect a gift; it should be more about taking time to appreciate the ones you love. I think it’s pretty mainstream to celebrate Valentine’s Day only with people who you romantically love. 

“To me, it’s more about love in general, but I don’t have a problem with people only celebrating romantic love. My perfect Valentine’s Day would be getting a few movies, heart shaped shortbread cookies and other snacks and playing Uno with my boyfriend. 

“I just want to enjoy time together rather than buy each other a lot of things or do anything expensive. I love him, not stuff, and that’s what I want to celebrate. When I have been single, I enjoyed spending Valentine’s Day with my friends. It was a little sad but being with people I love in a different way helped a lot. It’s just a day.”

Though Valentine’s Day can be tricky without a significant other, when energy is focused on small positives, it can be much easier to endure and even enjoy the day as single person just as much as someone in a relationship.  

“I enjoy Valentine’s Day,”Nathan Wissinger (freshman, environmental geology) said. “I usually spent it with family and friends, which has always been fun. This year will be my first with my girlfriend, and I'm so excited.”  

“I think V-Day can be shared with anyone you love, and if you love someone romantically, that's an amazing bonus. My perfect Valentine’s Day would just be a day with the girl I love with absolutely nothing to do. The past few years [of Valentine’s Days] were hard to endure. Even while surrounded by friends and family, I still wished there was someone with their arms around [me].”

Love is different in everyone’s eyes, and the definitions for the word are infinite and often depend on a person’s past experiences with romanticism. 

“I think romantic love is saying you have found your person, the one you want to spend your life with. The first thing you think of when you wake up and the last thing you think of before you go to bed. Your other half. Your lifelong partner in crime. Someone who you would die for,” Wissinger said. 

Though the definition of love may often elude the contemplator, it has been stated that life is indeed about love, whether romantic, platonic, familial or vocational. When you love the people in your life and the things you do with it, dedicating a specific day to celebrate whatever society tells us love is seems trivial, especially when spreading positivity and love throughout your life is by far the best way to find happiness and beauty, even when facing the mundane. 

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