As the spring semester draws to an end, students are eagerly gearing up for the summer. 

Summer looks different for each student. Some spend their summers working jobs or internships, spending time with family or continuing their studies by taking online courses. 

“I am looking forward to and I’m planning on working at my job on a deer farm and saving money for school for the fall,” Barett Wiggins (freshman, safety science) said. 

In addition to working a part-time or full-time job, a lot of students look forward to going back home and spending time with friends and family. With college being far from home for some and not going able to go home often during the school year for others, some students don’t see their families unless it’s a major holiday or a break. 

“I look forward to hanging out with friends in the summer,” William Johnson (freshman, computer science) said. “I also have a full-time job where I make and build monuments.” 

Some students spend their summers focusing on hobbies or activities they aren’t able to focus on while in school. Especially since the weather tends to get nicer in the summer, there are a lot of outdoor activities that are available to participate in. 

“I’m looking forward to spending time with family, friends and my girlfriend,” Evan Gerney (junior, music education) said. “I’ll have fun doing some leisure activities with them but also focus on writing music.

“Additionally, I work at a travel plaza at a Burger King, so I’ll be working there and saving up money for the fall semester.” 

Although summer usually means a break from school, most students continue to have school on their minds as they get jobs, make money and mentally prepare for the upcoming fall semester. 

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