The Co-Op Board of Directors applications are being accepted until Wednesday.

At IUP, students pay activity fees that help benefit different groups and fun ideas to make their time at the university more enjoyable. 

But some maybe have their own ideas on how the money should be used. They now have the chance to get their voice heard.

Elections for the Co-Op Board of Directors are now in progress. The board, which features both students and staff of IUP, is looking for undergraduates interested in having a say on how things run.

David Laughead is a student representative of the board. He said the Co-Op is an important part of the school for students to get involved with.

“You can be a voice for all students on campus when it comes to the student activity fee and how that money should be spent,” he said.

According to Laughead, the board keeps a lot of things in order.

“The Board of Directors set policies for the Student Co-Op and decides how to use the student activity fee effectively to serve our campus community.”

Activity fees can go towards groups such as STATIC (Student Activity Committee) and Boost Alcohol Consciousness Concerning the Health of University Students (BACCHUS). They use these fees to bring in concerts, bingo and other activities that help students relax and have the chance to earn prizes.

To have a chance for elections, interested students are asked to petition and get 25 signatures to back them up. The petition can be downloaded from coop.iup.edu/board-elections/. 

Laughead said it is not difficult to get signatures. When he was petitioning, he was able to get all 25 quickly.

“I found it easy to just ask students in my class to sign it for me.”

As soon as students turn in their petitions, their names are automatically added to the ballot.

The board has other requirements for students. To be a member, students must have a GPA of 2.0 or more, be available both semesters, pay their own student activity fee and be in good standing at the school. 

Laughead said students who want to participate should also expect to attend meetings once per month. The board meets in the Knowlton Board Room in the Hadley Union Building at 3:30 p.m. some Thursdays.

The meetings not only discuss what to do with money, but they give students new qualities that help them in the workplace.

“Students who serve on the board should expect to get a better understanding of financing, managing and operating a student union building like the HUB,” Laughead said.

Petitions are due Wednesday before 4 p.m. They are to be delivered to Zach Clark in the business office at the HUB. They can be sent in either via email or in person. If sending them in electronically, students are to scan the original petition. This can be done in the library.

Voting for the board takes place between March 9 and 18. It will be sent out to every student’s email, and results will be announced about an hour after voting ends. 

For more information, students can call 724-357-1393.

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