STATIC (The Student Activity Committee) hosted, the “2019 Finals Study Break,” to lighten the pressure on the student body through fun, relaxation and stress-management techniques.

With students studying, preparing for and taking their finals, many felt an immense weight of stress coming into the final days of the academic year. 

STATIC (The Student Activity Committee) hosted an event, the “2019 Finals Study Break,” aiming to remedy this pressure on the student body through fun, relaxation and stress-management techniques. 

On May 3, students that went to the Hadley Union Building’s (HUB) Ohio Room were able to experience a plethora of activities, including planting and decorating succulent plants, professional massages, do-it-yourself (DIY) mani-pedis, essential oil diffusers, DIY stress balls, aromatherapy, video games, snacks, an oxygen bar and more. 

An oxygen bar, according to Ballard Hoyle, owner and operator of the oxygen bar that was available for use at the study break, has “87-92 percent oxygen running through scented bottles.” He explained that each of the bottles is a different scent. The high level of oxygen provides “concentration, alertness, energy and a bit of aromatherapy with the nice scents,” he said. 

Jenna Loll (freshman, speech pathology) said she thinks the study break is a great event and liked being able to de-stress before finals. 

“So much is going on, and I’m not good at handling stress,” she said. “If I was in my room, I’d be sitting around thinking about all the stuff I should do and have to do.” 

Her favorite de-stress activity was planting and decorating her own succulent, which she plans on having in her room from now on, she said. 

Kirystan Evans (junior, interior design), a member of STATIC, helped run and oversee the event. 

“You basically can just come and relax, take your mind off of work and hangout,” she said about the event. 

She said that there is something for most people to like, with DIY stress balls, self-serving cereal bars, coffee, painting and artwork, the plants and several pampering options, such as facials and mani-pedis. While the sound of a booming microphone voice calling for the next massage customer sometimes broke the peace, calming, yet positive music played throughout the Ohio Room as a background track to the event. 

Evans said she thinks that the finals study break is not only a good send-off for the academic year but also for this year’s STATIC team. 

Her favorite STATIC event this  year was the Family Feud event. 

She said she and the other STATIC members wanted to wish every IUP student the best of luck on their finals and a happy summer.

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