What students post on social media may impact their future job searches.

Social media is an almost omnipresent influence in many people’s lives. 

It surrounds and permeates almost every interaction that people have on any given day, being almost impossible to avoid. 

There are arguments about “fake news” and celebrity squabbles. It’s a cacophonous, almost deafening, environment to live in. 

This influence, however, also extends to employers and those searching for a job. 

A poll conducted by CareerBuilder in 2018 showed 70 percent of employers look at social media presence during the hiring process and 48 percent continue to check on employees post-hiring. The poll also showed that 34 percent of employers have “reprimanded or fired an employee based on content found online.” 

And to those who think they’re OK because they don’t have a social media presence, think again. 

Forty-seven percent of employers indicated that they were less likely to call someone in for an interview if they couldn’t be found online. 

This leads to the question of whether IUP student’s carry any worries or fears about how they might be perceived by employers post-graduation. 

Sam Roha (junior, history education) said he worries because of some compromising photos that a friend took of him almost a decade ago. 

“Does anybody want to be judged based on something out of their control that happened seven years ago?” Roha asked. 

One student has harsh words for the whole idea of social media. 

 “Facebook is an abomination, and smartphones ruined this generation and all generations to come,” Justin Newman (junior, history) said.

There are some students who recognize the influence that social media might have on their peers and them and have done their best to avoid any adverse effects. 

Jesse Brown said that he personally isn’t worried but recognizes why others might. 

“I don’t think anything I post will affect my employment,” Brown said. “I treat [social media] as though it’s something an employer will look at.” 

Social media is something that can’t be avoided. It’s become too ingrained in modern life. Still, the situation gives students some anxiety.  

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