A snapchat video show a college-aged male being chased by police.

“Casual day of pickup at the hub.”

That was the caption of a video tweeted by Barstool IUP, a direct affiliate with Barstool Sports, one of today’s most successful sports and pop culture blogs.

The video shows what appears to be a college-aged male running through the IUP Hadley Union Building’s (HUB) gymnasium attempting to and possibly evading police officers.

The original video, tweeted at 5:50 p.m. Monday, has received more than 165,000 views, 331 retweets and 1,911 likes as of Thursday afternoon.

The main Barstool Sports twitter account then tweeted the video on, adding an additional 154 retweets and 1,301 likes. 

While the original owner of the video is still unknown, the video looks as if it was recorded within the Snapchat app.

Barstool IUP did not respond to an April 17 Twitter direct message.

The person fleeing the authorities is an unknown, former student who had an outstanding arrest warrant, said Michelle Fryling, IUP’s executive director of media relations.

The former student was arrested by IUP Campus and Indiana Borough Police near the HUB Monday around 5:00 p.m., Fryling said.

Indiana Borough Police did not respond to an April 16 email and voicemail. IUP Campus Police did not respond to an April 18 email.

“As part of an ongoing investigation, IUP Police were alerted by Hadley Union Building officials that the wanted man was in the HUB Gymnasium,” said Fryling. “IUP and Indiana Borough Police went to the scene to find the man, who ran from police and out of the building. The arrest was made in an off-campus parking area near to the HUB.”

IUP Student Cooperative Association Campus Recreation made no comment regarding the incident.

Additional charges against the former student may be filed as the investigation is still ongoing, Fryling said.

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