SGA senators discuss the meeting agenda

On Tuesday evening, IUP’s Student Government Association (SGA) formally recognized the Student Association of Medical Imaging Technology (SAMIT) and PsyD Students of Color as new organizations during their general assembly meeting.

SAMIT is an organization dedicated to students pursing medical imaging and medical technology degrees at IUP. It helps connect students who only spend three years at IUP before finishing their final year at another university.

“Me and my advisor, Dr. Howe, decided to start this club this year,” Jordan Hartman (sophomore, medical imaging), a SAMIT representative, said.

“It gives us an opportunity to meet people we could possibly be living with, meeting new people, professional development and academic success,” she added.

PsyD Students of Color will provide students of color in the psychology doctoral programs a community to voice concerns and build partnerships to further their success.

“We’ve noticed that in our program,” Anaya Sharma (PsyD, clinical psychology) said. “There’s a number of students of color without a lot of support because none of our faculty are students of color. So, there’s a lot of things that occur in the program, so we need advocacy and community to be built.”

While the number of students is small, they expect a large increase in membership with the new cohort being enrolled this year. They look forward to building mentorship opportunities and connecting with practicing psychologists of color in the community.

Both clubs were approved unanimously by present senators. Interest in these clubs can be directed to szxcc@iup.edu for SAMIT and wzqcc@iup.edu for PsyD Students of Color.

Other business discussed included the confusing procedure from the music department’s performances, which many senators voiced concerns about lack of workers, denied entry, and obscure communications regarding performance details.

“What I can tell you based on my limited knowledge is that there’s a lack of interest at times,” said Kaylee Becker-George (sophomore, social studies education), the arts and humanities college senator. “There’s not always proper communication and promoting, other than the Lively Arts Calendar. And this is an issue throughout all of campus.”

SGA general assembly meetings are held every Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. in Elkin Hall’s Great Hall.

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