The Student Government Association (SGA) meeting Monday gave confirmation to a change in midterm grading. 

The University Senate voted on the change at its last meeting, now making it so all grades are to be reported at midterms, not just “Ds” and “Fs.” This policy will take effect in the fall but with the caveat that there’s no punishment for professors that do not report grades. 

Next week’s SGA meeting will be preempted by the debates for the upcoming executive board elections. 

The debate will feature those running for the two contested executive board positions, president and chief justice, and will be held Tuesday in the Humanities and Social Sciences Building in Room B-10 Tuesday. 

There are two positions that currently have no one in the running, treasurer and vice president. 

“We need people to take our spaces and be the next leaders,” SGA Chief Justice Demir Moore said.

Elections for the executive board will open Tuesday on Crimson Connect with the results being announced April 23. 

Provost Timothy Moerland provided Title IX pamphlets to SGA Vice President Alex Fefolt (history) after Moerland’s visit two weeks ago when there was discussion about problematic experiences that some students were facing. These pamphlets will be handed out by various members of SGA. 

Fefolt said in his report that he had also met with David Chambers, political science chairman, to possibly continue “IUP’s Year of Free Speech” into the next year. If this extension happens, it would be in conjunction with SGA. 

SGA also recognized the club “Students for Sensible Drug Policy.” The club looks to educate people on the effects of drugs without “moralizing” the issue. The club officers said that they want to provide quantitative evidence to students, so they can be aware of the effects drugs will have on their bodies.

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