Along with teaching, professors are utilizing Zoom video calling as one solution for advising.

Students and professors usually spend mid-March meeting up to discuss the students’ next steps before they register for classes for the next semester.

COVID-19 threw a wrench into these plans as classes are now online, and students are no longer on campus. Professors are finding other ways to communicate with their advisees about the future. 

Many are turning to telephone calls or video chats. 

The marketing department, for instance, sent out an email to students that advisers would be emailing them with information like registration dates and PIN numbers. Advisers still want a set time to go through students’ transcripts and make sure they are not missing necessary classes.

Marketing professor Dr. Lisa Sciulli recommends that students read through all the information sent to them regarding advising and write down any questions they may have before their appointment with their adviser. She also suggested that students take notes during their appointment and ask their adviser to send them a confirmation email regarding the classes discussed for next semester.

You can monitor your class requirements through DegreeWorks, and it’s helpful to look ahead and see what other classes you will have to take in the future.

DegreeWorks – found under the Academics tab of MyIUP under “View Academic Record” – is a tool used to keep track of students’ progress throughout their years at IUP. It will tell you the classes that you still need to take to meet the graduation requirements for your specific major or majors. It also tells you your GPA for your major and GPA overall and which classes you’ve completed as opposed to ones that are still in progress.

Students can find out who their adviser is on the Academics tab of MyIUP under “My Advisor.” Individual registration times can also be found on MyIUP.

Registration for veterans (both graduate and undergraduate) opens Monday, March 30. Graduate and undergraduate priority groups can register starting Tuesday, March 31. Graduate students and seniors (90 credits or more) can register Wednesday, April 1. Junior (60-89 credits) registration opens Friday, April 3; sophomore (30-59 credits) registration opens Monday, April 6; and freshman (0-29 credits) registration opens Wednesday, April 8. 

If you are a student and have not yet received any information from your adviser, reach out to them this week before your registration date. Seniors should still virtually meet with their advisers to assure they have met all requirements to graduate, as well as apply for graduation. 

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