While the Lauderman Sutton Scholarship is available to anybody, there is a preference for those in the Eberly College.

Another scholarship is available at IUP thanks to a 1971 alum.

The John R. and Dorothy J. Lauderman Sutton Scholarship was established in honor of the experience that John had had during his time at IUP. It was a time he said he “cherished.”

 “At this point in my life, I felt it was time to give back to my alma mater and help other students to fulfill their dreams,” Lauderman said in a previous newsletter.

The scholarship also acted as a way for Lauderman to honor his professors and friends.

He majored in business management. He went on to work 35 years as a certified public accountant.

Originally from Harrisburg, he and his wife, Dorothy, now reside in Conway, S.C.

The scholarship is available to students who qualify for the Sutton Scholarship Program. However, there is a preference toward students who are part of Eberly College of Business and Information Technology.

Eberly has over 25,000 alumni, and many of them continue to pay it forward with donations to IUP.

Executive Director of Media Relations Michelle Fryling spoke on behalf of IUP about the scholarship, showing thanks in its honor.

“IUP alumni are so generous and so appreciative of their IUP education,” she said. “They are amazing in their commitment to giving back to students for now and for the future.”

The scholarship is one of many donations and funds created that help take part of IUP’s Imagine Unlimited Campaign. At approximately $75 million dollars, the campaign helps push IUP as one of the country’s leaders in aiding student experiences through scholarships and grants.

Scholarships are important not only to students, but also to the administration. This is especially apparent during trying times such as the pandemic according to the Vice President of University Advancement Khatmeh Osseiran-Hanna.

“Fortunately, the IUP family continues to be incredibly generous through scholarships like the one funded by the Laudermans,” she said.

Osseiran-Hanna said that IUP was honored by every donation, no matter how big or small.

“We appreciate each and every gift; donations like this help to ensure that students today and tomorrow will have the resources to thrive,” she said.

IUP is also helping its students through its Emergency Relief Fund, which now holds $250,000. It was put together with donations by over 600 alumni, faculty and students.

As mentioned before, the John R. and Dorothy J. Lauderman Scholarship was available to students who are accepted by the Sutton Scholarship Program. Students qualified for the Sutton Scholarship Program are incoming freshmen with “outstanding academic credentials,” according to the IUP website.

The Sutton Scholarship Program is already accredited to students when they enroll.

Though it may preference Eberly students, students of any college are able to apply for a chance at the Lauderman Scholarship.

To learn more about this scholarship as well as other ones that are available, students can visit iup.edu/supportiup/where-we-need-help/scholarships/ for more information.

Information on how to support and donate gifts toward funds and scholarships are also available.

For questions on donating gifts, please email The Office of Giving at iup-giving@iup.edu or call (724) 357-5555.

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