IUP’s department of mathematics and computer science held physical tutoring sessions in Stright Hall Room 319.

Worrying about getting the help you need is not something you should be stressing about during a pandemic. IUP offers many tutoring services that will be continuing to be held via Zoom for the remainder of the spring semester. 

The department of mathematical and computer sciences gives students the tools necessary to organize and analyze data while also providing the theoretical background of the topics that will help students better understand them.

Mathematics tutoring normally would have occurred in Stright 319 during the spring semester. It will continue with the same graduate assistant tutors being available during their regularly scheduled hours in distanced format. Tutors request that students have their questions prepared when joining a Zoom meeting. 

There are four different rooms that students can join Monday through Friday with an array of times detailed on the mathematics tutoring website. When signing into one of the rooms, wait for a tutor to communicate with you. They will answer questions you have or ask you to switch to a different room depending on activity in the room at the time. 

There are also Zoom tutoring sessions scheduled for computer science help in the courses COSC 105, 110, 210, 220, 300 and 310. They are held Monday through Thursday and Saturdays. 

The Writing Center is also offering remote assistance to students. 

“Online tutoring is available to all students by appointment in 45-minute sessions, scheduled at least 24 hours in advance,” according to the IUP website.

The center is offering two types of tutoring to be more widely available to students all through WCOnline. Go to to make an account and schedule your appointment to receive tutoring.

Online, or synchronous tutoring is a live, face-to-face session with a tutor with audio and video chatting. This type of online tutoring requires an appointment. you to log in to WCOnline at the time of your appointment and join the meeting with your tutor by clicking on your appointment in the schedule.  

On the other hand, eTutoring or asynchronous tutoring is a form of online tutoring which occurs without direct contact with your tutor. For an eTutoring session, you need to login before the start of your appointment time and upload the document you need guidance with. 

You can upload by clicking on your appointment in the schedule and selecting to edit. You are also able to upload your document at the time you make your appointment if you are finished working on it. eTutoring is offered this semester as a way for students without high-speed internet access and are unable to utilize video chatting to still have writing support.

There are multiple services now available remotely for students to receive help with their academics and tailored to their need whether they are international students or veterans. To see a full list, visit

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