IUP-TV and the Student Photography Association (SPA) are running a food drive, which started Nov.11 and runs until Friday. 

The drive is collecting non-perishable food items and monetary donations. 

“The food/items that are most needed,” said IUP-TV programming director Tarah Pipchok (senior, communications media), “are canned fruits, canned vegetables, paper products, peanut butter and monetary donations.

“Just $1 donated can equal five meals.”

All food donations are to be dropped off in either the executive board office Davis B1B or Stouffer 121. Students that donate have the potential to win an Amazon gift card, as the top three largest donations will be rewarded with a prize. 

The third-largest donor will receive a $15 Amazon gift card, the second-largest donor will receive a $25 gift card and the largest donor will receive a $50 gift card. 

The food drive is being hosted so that IUP-TV can give back to the community and thank them for the support that IUP-TV has received, Pipchok said. 

The drive will be the last major event for IUP-TV’s 2019 plans, but Pipchok said that they are planning more for the spring semester.

The drive is being co-hosted by the Student Photography Association, which was a decision Pipchok said was based on a desire to reach out to other student organizations. 

“We partnered with SPA because IUP-TV wants to branch out,” Pipchok said, “and create better organizational and personal relationships with each other.”

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