Jeremy Waltman, film director and professor in the IUP Communications Media Department, is filming another movie, titled “Troubadour.”

An IUP professor is in the process of creating a film about one of legend’s most famous knights.

Jeremy Waltman is both a film director and a professor in the IUP Communications Media Department. So far, he has made three films that have been shown at festivals.

His newest project, “Troubadour,” switches between Sir Lancelot in medieval England and women in the modern day talking about theater and art.

The idea came from Waltman’s lifelong love of King Arthur stories.

“As a child, I read ‘The Once and Future King,’” Waltman said. “I watched all of the different movies, animated and live action. I read all of the history books and so forth.”

He said this film is much different than his previous work.

“I’ve been working more and more in different genre films, so this just seemed like the right next project,” he said.

Since March, Waltman has already assembled the first cut and had the crew watch it. Soon he said will be working on finishing the second cut and then onto the third.

Waltman said there is no hidden meaning or message in the film for people to look for. He wants people to find their own ideas.

“I’m sure there’s theme in it, and there are concepts in it that I’ve been playing with, but there’s no larger mission,” he said.

Because he is also a professor, Waltman said he is busy with his time but does not struggle in balancing the two.

“In terms of scheduling, yeah it can be rough,” he said. “In terms of subject matter and the content, it’s pretty easy. Because you’re literally talking about what you are making, the workload is not bad.”

Waltman’s films feature plenty of known actors. One actor in “Troubadour” is Migs Govea, whose previous roles include Guillermo in “Ocean’s 8.” 

Waltman said he has rarely had any issues or conflicts with his casts.

“I’ve felt pretty lucky over the years to have good casts,” Waltman said. “A lot of times they come back.” 

He said his favorite project would probably be “Troubadour.”

“I like the film I’m doing now,” he said. “I think the process is you’re trying to get better all the time in all aspects. Whether it’s true or not, I feel it is true. I’m pleased with the way it’s coming together.”

Waltman’s previous films can be found on different services. For more information on him and for a look at his films, visit

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