The Master of Arts in Human Resources (HR) and Employment Relations program at IUP has become affiliated with the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)’s “HR Curriculum and Templates.”

In a press release Nov. 9, IUP’s HR Department said, “IUP’s Master of Arts in Human Resources and Employment Relations is a multidisciplinary, graduate-degree program designed to prepare professional practitioners in the field of employment and labor relations and human resources in public and private management, unions, government agencies, and neutral and service organizations. Students can complete the program in one year through multiple learning modalities.”

Out of nine universities in Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education, IUP is one out of two schools with a program acknowledged by a SHRM certification.

SHRM was founded in 1948 and is the biggest human resource membership organization in the world.

On the SHRM official website, it says that the purpose of the organization is to elevate the HR profession and empower not only people but workplaces as well. There are 300,000 HR and businesspersons located in 165 countries associated with SHRM.

There has been a SHRM student chapter at IUP since 2003.

“Joining SHRM was the best decision I’ve made here at IUP,” Vice President of SHRM Shannon Urich said. “The club has allowed me to expand my knowledge in the field and helped me to grow into an aspiring young HR professional. Not only am I able to network, volunteer, and go on company tours, I am able to connect with other aspiring HR managers.”

She said the club is not only professional, but also “very fun.”

In 2019, the Indiana County SHRM chapter collaborated with the IUP chapter. These SHRM chapters join forces to develop professional and networking opportunities. Sometimes alumni are invited to speak about their experiences as HR professionals and provide helpful insight to the students that attend the meetings.

The HR Curriculum Guidebook and Templates were created to have human resource content studied. Since 2006, these guidelines are created and revamped every couple of years. This heightens HR education throughout universities and business schools to establish degrees that reflect that caliber of education.

“This certification from the Society of Human Resource Management confirms that our program aligns with the standards set by this agency as an approved Human Resource Graduate program,” Dr. David Piper, chair of the IUP HR department, said. “This is like being an accredited program. So now potential graduate students looking for a quality program in HR can assured our program meets the standards of the professional association they will likely join.”

According to the press release, IUP’s goal is to make this accessible to every student, whether that be in-person or online instruction. If students are having a difficult time financially, IUP offers assistantships that can help defer the cost to students.

“The program can be taken through face-to-face instruction, online instruction and distance education using Zoom technology that allows students to remotely attend class.”

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