Despite popular belief, when students leave IUP and Indiana for the summer, time does not stand still.

Like every summer, the university and the Indiana Borough will be working throughout the students’ off months to continue making improvements to the community.

To avoid being blind-sided when returning in the fall, here are some major changes happening over the next three months.

Keep in mind that these are improvement plans and are subject to change.

Michelle Fryling, IUP’s Executive Director of Media Relations, shared information regarding campus changes, while Kyle Mudry, Indiana Borough communications and grants coordinator, provided infromation regarding borough changes. 


Campus Improvements


Sutton Hall-Heating Plant Utility Tunnel Replacement

Timeline: July 2019 - July 2020


Construction to a new utility tunnel added to the Sutton Hall-Heating Plant will bring temporary constructed steam lines that carry the steam that is currently piped in the tunnel. This will affect students as it will close a portion of Pratt Drive and Grant Street for the duration of the project.


Campus-wide security camera installation

Timeline: June 2019 - August 2019


Two hundred and 10 cameras located in five zones on campus will be installed as part of a university master plan. The cameras, which are not surveillance cameras, will be used as an investigation tool. However, the cameras can be switched live if any times of concern were to arise that would require real-time surveillance.


Sutton Hall Bell Tower Refurbishment

Timeline: May 2019 - August 2020


Believe it or not, but the Sutton Hall Bell Tower is actually not operational right now. But following the replacement of old wood around the bell tower, it will be.

University College in Stabley Library

Timeline: May 2019 - June 2020


Construction to the entrance of the University College in Stabley Library will be completed by the fall semester. 


Foster Hall Demolition

Timeline: February 2020


While it’s not happening in the fall, students may want to prepare themselves for the demolition of the late Foster Dining Hall. Following the demolition, the vacancy will be developed into a temporary paved parking lot. 

The lot is set to be the future home of an academic commons building. The IUP Academic Commons will house a distance education training studio, holding facilities such as WIUP-FM and IUP-TV, as well as technology-enhanced multi-function rooms for learning and collaboration, a tiered auditorium with 125 seats and regular classrooms with 60-75 available seats if needed.

In addition, the building is also set to be the permanent home of the University College comprising of the Student Success Center


Additional Campus Improvements


Some other minor changes to campus that returning students may notice include the replacement of the window wall at the Co-Generation Plant, a new roof to the Robert Shaw Building and improvements to the Breeezdale Alumni Center as part of a project in memory of Mary Jo Lyttle, former director of alumni affairs.

Annual projects such as stream distribution maintenance and crack repair, coatings and line painting will take place as well.


Indiana Community Improvements


Indiana Multimodal Corridor

June 2019 - August 2019


The Indiana Multimodal Corridor, also known as  the extension to the Hoodlebug Trail, will be completed by the beginning of the semester.

The Hoodlebug, a popular walking and bike trail that currently ends at Rose Street, across the street from Robert Shaw Parking Lot, will be extended throughout IUP’s campus and the Indiana borough to end at a trailhead in the eighth Street parking lot that is owned by the Indiana Borough.

Amenities that will be located at the trailhead include a bike repair station, a solar-powered bike storage station and green infrastructure, primarily a rain garden.

“It [the Indiana Multimodal Corridor] will open up access to a regional trail network that allows them [students] to exercise and access areas up to 50 miles away,” said Kyle Mudry, Indiana Borough communications and grants coordinator.

Indiana Community Center

Ongoing - May 2019


Housing the Indiana Library and the Jimmy Stewart Museum, the completed Indiana Community Center will feature upgrades including new restrooms, flooring, tiling, windows and HVAC improvements.


Annual Roads Paving


To help keep the roads safe after heavy usage during the school year, every summer the borough undergoes a paving project that helps improves the roads throughout the borough. The borough chooses the summer as it allows for better conditions for both paving and drying.


SolSmart Designation


While not a physical change to the community, the SolSmart Designation is the borough’s way of expressing that it is committed to solar energy and that it will help them continue to bring solar opportunities to the borough.

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