IUP IT Services made the switch from I-Mail to Office 365 after spring break, upgrading storage space for students.

IT Services at IUP upgraded most student email accounts from the college’s I-Mail to Office 365 on March 20. 

For Outlook users like Sarah Hetzler (freshman, music education), the larger text, bigger icons and accessibility to Microsoft applications such as Microsoft Word are especially familiar.

“It was really convenient,” Hetzler said. “I just had to add my IUP email.”

 I-Mail contacts or calendar entries were not automatically migrated, but students can retrieve them manually by following the instructions on IT Support Center’s “365 Office Student Migration” page. 

Despite this, the new email offers several ways to view student and faculty information. The “People” tab includes a campus directory by classrooms or users, frequently contacted emails and favorites.  

“Calendar” includes a five-day weather forecast, sharing options and online “interesting” calendars to sync.

In addition to the upgraded mail, calendar, people and task tabs, Microsoft Office 365 offers a “Notes” folder. 

Listing the benefits and drawbacks from the switch, Amanda Woodsid (sophomore, Asian studies) appreciated the “more modern” look.

“The old I-Mail system was dated,” Woodsid said. “[This one] is a lot easier to read.”

Students can access Office 365 through their MyIUP accounts and clicking on the “EMAIL” tab, or by downloading the Outlook application for their phones or tablets. 

Students can add IUP’s new email to an existing Outlook account by clicking the top-left tab next to “Inbox,” going to the “Settings” icon and selecting “Add Account.”

Aside from its aesthetic appeals, IUP’s IT Services announced that the new email system provides a “huge increase” of storage space for students. 

The server can hold up to 50 GB of mail storage, whereas I-Mail offered around 2 GB. 

Jacqueline Perry (senior, communications media) said there was always a problem syncing I-Mail to her iPhone before the switch, but installing Outlook gave her no trouble.

“At first, I was dreading the transition,” Perry said. “Why would I want to learn an entirely new platform six weeks before I graduate? However, I was surprised at how much more simple the [Outlook application] is.”

Nina Minnelli (freshman, theater) likes how mobile-friendly the Outlook app is, too.

“On the mobile app, you can actually email back,” Minnelli said, “and it will stay current now that it’s Microsoft. It makes it more universal.”

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