Through heavy police presence this weekend, criminal activity stayed low.

IUP’s 2019 Homecoming was full of fun events and happenings without as many of the consequences as previous years. Events were in full swing at the school, however. 

Following reports featuring information on arrests and attendances is provided by I-ACT (Indiana Area Collaborative Team).

STATIC’s Thursday night concert featuring DaBaby, Lil Mosey and Stunna 4 Vegas was attended by 4,200 people. Reports show no major incidents occurred.

Larry the Cable Guy performed at the KCAC Friday night. It was reported that there were no incidents at the show.

The annual festivities occurred this year, including the parade, which showed off floats from different colleges and from Greek life. This year’s theme was “World Monuments.”

Right after the parade was the Crimson Huddle, an annual event held at the KCAC for alumni and friends to come see each other and members of their organizations once again. More than 900 people attended this year.

The football game against California University of Pennsylvania ended in a win for the Crimson Hawks, the score 17–6. This makes IUP’s football team 5–0 for the season.

IUP’s Crimson Court was announced during the game. This year’s court included the following:

- Samantha Adams (Eberly College of Business)

- Allie Uhing (College of Education and Communications)

- Lindsay Herring (College of Fine Arts)

- Hope Kiehl (College of Health and Human Services)

- Casey Doyle (College of Humanities and Social Sciences)

- Chloe Wilson (College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics)

- Montez Newsome (University College)

Students could continue the fun in a safe way Saturday night at the Late Night Homecoming Party. The party took place at the KCAC from 9 p.m. to midnight. The theme was “Mini Golf and Milkshakes.” There was also bingo, a poetry slam and music played by WIUP-FM.

Though homecoming in the past has had many wild and hectic turns, this year was relatively quiet, according to Michelle Fryling, executive director of media relations at IUP. 

In total, there were roughly 20 arrests made between Thursday and Sunday by IUP police.

There was a heavier presence of police on campus this year.

Even with the quieter weekend, a video went around social media showed a person trying to outrun one of the police horses. Another video shows Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster partying at one of IUP’s fraternities.

Cleanup for homecoming was done by 500 members of fraternities, sororities and Student Government Association, according to Fryling.

Fryling was “pleased” to announce the reports of Homecoming 2019, and many hope next year stays just as calm.

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