Students graduating this spring can relax knowing they no longer have to take exams or go to classes. 

They took many courses during their four years, but which ones affected them most?

Graduating IUP students shared the best and the worst of classes they took. For some, it made an impact on what they wanted to major in.

This was the case for Ryan Wertz (communications media). 

He said the worst class he took was Applied Computer Programming. When he had first started college, he majored in computer science but realized it was not for him.

“It’s not that I couldn’t do it,” he said. “It’s just that I was caught off guard and was basically being dragged along for the ride. We had to learn a completely new program and programming language and just roll with it.”

Though he didn’t enjoy it, Wertz said it was very effective. He later switched his major to communications media, where his favorite class, Aesthetics and Theory of Communications Media, is mandatory. The class involves working with a group on a short film, and Wertz said it was a great introduction to working in media.

“It’s that class that really made be feel like I belonged here in communications media,” he said.

For Caroline Taylor (finance and legal studies), she said her biggest struggle was in General Psychology, a class required for her to graduate.

“It just was not my cup of tea,” she said. “It was boring to me. I wish I did not have to take it.”

Her favorite focused more on her interests and was even better due to the professor who was teaching it.

“Managerial Economics with Dr. Radell was my favorite,” Taylor said. “He was very helpful and inspired some of my interest in the subject.”

For some, it was a matter of which majors worked out.

Catherine Sukala (developmental studies) said she switched between majors a few times while in school. She started in her current major but switched to communications media, then switched back.

“I liked the classes in communications, but I realized that I liked to work with kids more,” she said. “So I decided to go back and graduate with my associate’s degree in developmental studies.”

Though these students experienced good and bad classes, they said the classes added to their memories and time at IUP. 

“I’ve had some hard times at IUP,” Wertz said. “I’ve fallen down, gotten lost and had sleepless nights, but I don’t regret those times.”

Commencement is Saturday, at the Kovalchick Convention and Athletic Complex. Graduation for the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics and the College of Health and Human Services takes place at 9 a.m. Graduation for all other colleges is at 2 p.m.

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