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Spring cleaning sounds like something your mother or grandmother would do, but it is also helpful while in college. 

Do not get bogged down in the clutter of your dorm or apartment. 

Create a fresh, clean space to simplify the rest of the stressful semester. This is also a great headstart on move-out day so you are not doing all the cleaning at one time. 

Clean out old papers and sell old textbooks

Go through and throw out any papers you probably won’t ever use again. Every student takes some classes that are to fill space or meet the credit requirement for graduation. 

Organize between important papers you need to keep and recycle the papers that you do not need. 

Also, a cool way to make some money to enjoy your summer is to sell your textbooks online or to a friend. If you are never going to use it again, why not let someone else?

Throw away expired food

In college, it is important to remember due dates for assignments, but remembering food expiration dates is not always a top priority. 

Take a few minutes and see what foods are expiring soon to eat them first and throw out any foods with mold or ones that are past the expiration date. 

Don’t worry, you are not alone throwing out the expired healthful foods you were sure you were going to start eating.

Move your furniture around

With roommate approval, or if you have your own room, move around the furniture to create a new vibe.

Moving furniture can freshen up and make the room more exciting. It is a fun way to individualize a dorm, so your room is not the same boring layout you had at the start of the year.

Switch out your wardrobe 

Believe it or not, spring will be coming. It’s time to downsize on the winter clothes and stock up on the spring outfits. Send your winter clothes back home to get a head start on the decluttering and packing you will be doing on move-out day. 


Spring cleaning does not have to be all about your belongings. 

Take a moment to treat yourself and take a step back from all the school work you are going to cram into the end of the semester. 

Now that spring is coming, take a break and go for a walk on one of Indiana’s many trails or get some ice cream. 

Do anything that will clean your mind for a little while. You made it this far; you deserve a little treat.

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