Freshmen to senior year: the class of 2018 students look back at their favorite memories from college

Graduation is upon seniors, and they will soon embark on their next set of challenges and triumphs.

Though they are moving on, a few seniors took a moment to reflect and share their favorite memories while at IUP.

Fiona Kalu


Kalu was one of the planners for the Pan-African Student Association’s largest event of the year, Africa Night 2018. She said she enjoyed cooking all night with her friends for the event. 

“Emcee was the best part. I got to display my fashion on stage.”

Vincent Lowerre

Communications Media

Lowerre said his favorite moment was IUP orientation. He enjoyed meeting other leaders and friends. 

“It got me motivated to be the student I am today.”

Aaron McClelland


McClelland said ROTC Junior Field Training Exercise (JFTX) was his favorite memory. He said the way the squad worked together was a lot of fun.

“I had more fun running around than actually doing Army stuff.”

Eric Lynn

Political Science/International Relations

 Second semester freshman year was Lynn’s favorite. He was a nursing major, and his mom has been an registered nurse for 37 years. He told his mom he was dropping nursing for political science and joining the ROTC program.

“It is my favorite memory because she freaked out.”

Adam Parker


Parker said his best memory was the camping night at the ROTC staff ride touring the Battle of Antietam and learning about leadership challenges.

“We sat around a fire and bonded.”

Steven Kostryk


As a founding father of IUP Phi Sigma Kappa, his favorite memory is of starting the fraternity on campus.

Logan McChesney

Regional Planning/Environmental

 ROTC staff ride camping night when they all camped out was McChesney’s favorite moment. 

“Our senior class is very close and we are all like family. It was a chance to relax after a stressful year together, spend some time together.”

Dakota Keith


ROTC Junior Leadership exercise was his favorite. He said it was “28 degrees Fahrenheit and soaked,” and they all slept outside.


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