Dr. Robert Camp (right) announced that he will retire effective after the current academic year. He will take on a new role as faculty in the Department of Management.

The Eberly College of Business and Information Technology will say goodbye to its dean at the end of the year.

Dr. Robert Camp announced his retirement from his position as dean Thursday that takes effect on June 30.

Camp took the position in June 1988 and will take up a faculty role in the IUP Department of Management following his retirement as dean. During his tenure, Camp witnessed the birth of Eberly when it was constructed as well as three citations within Princeton’s Review’s Best Business School since 2005.

Additionally, Camp played a pivotal role in the vast recruitment of international students within the business college, giving it a diverse atmosphere.

When he was hired, Camp’s goal for the business school was for Eberly to receive accreditation from the Association to Advance College Schools of Business. 

According to IUP’s website, this goal came to fruition in 2001 and remained in effect for several years.

During Camp’s tenure as dean, he reached several accomplishments, such as helping to create the School of International Management, international partnerships expansions for graduate programs and assisting in bringing the Eberly College of Business and Information Technology Business Advisory Council and the creation of the Young Alumni Advisory Council.

The Business Advisory Council hosts more than 70 IUP alumni and business professionals.

Along with these accolades, he made formidable contributions in developing and creating new programs and initiatives within the business college.

These initiatives include the Business Honors Program, the College of Business Advisory Council, the Management Services Group, the Business Hall of Distinction and the Center for Family Business.

The Student Advisory Council consists of multiple student organizations within the Eberly College of Business and Information Technology. Its mission is to offer various events and functions within the college to get business majors active within their majors.

The Business Hall of Distinction is the business college equivalent to the IUP Hall of Fame within the Memorial Field House.

Distinguished awardees are listed on IUP’s website with their current job titles and companies, and website viewers can view their detailed biographies. 

These awardees are listed in alphabetical order.

The Center for Family Business recognizes family businesses that achieved industrial success and successfully transferred the businesses down to their next of kin. The Family Business Award began in 1998 with the James Family (James Industries in Duncansville) taking home the inaugural award.

Since then, 18 families have taken it home, with the McAneny family from Ebensburg recently winning it in 2018.

As a distinguished writer, Camp published more than 50 scholarly publications, which includes pieces from the International Journal of Management, Journal of Global Management, Journal of Global Marketing, Journal of Portfolio Management and the Journal of Higher Education.

Additionally, he is the editor for the Journal of Competitiveness Studies.

“It has been an honor for me to have served the university and the college for over three decades,” Camp said, according to IUP’s website.

“I’ve been blessed to have worked with an innumerable number of outstanding faculty, administrators, staff and student leaders who deserve collective collective credit for many successes of the College during this period.”

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