Autumn Dorsey- March 1

Students from all majors attended the Spring Career Fair, sponsored by the Career and Professional Development Center Wednesday.

IUP’s Career and Professional Development Center (CPDC) sponsored and hosted IUP’s annual Spring Career Fair on Wednesday. 

More than 85 diverse organizations were registered and attended the career fair at the Kovalchick Convention and Athletic Complex from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on the arena floor. 

Business professional or business casual attire was required, and attendance vouchers were available for those students who needed them for class, organizations or other reasons. 

Students from all majors and a variety of class years were there looking for potential internships, jobs and networking opportunities. 

Madison McGinnis (sophomore, political science) explained she was at the career fair for convenience. Having the fair right next to campus gave students the opportunity to network in between classes.

“[I’m] graduating,” Greg Hughes (senior, human resource management) said. “I kind of need to start looking for a job.”

The career fair also gave students the chance to get some points for their student organizations.

“I’m a part of the Promising Scholars program here at IUP, and there are three required events I must attend this spring semester,” Anthony Santana (junior, athletic training) said. “It is also good for me developing my potential future career.”

Spokespeople from the Career and Professional Development Center were at the event helping to give out nametags to the students. The students could write their names on the nametag, along with their major(s). 

“There are a lot of unlimited opportunities with things like internships, working, jobs and even volunteer work offered,” said Kristina Reis, CPDC advocate. 

“It is easier to come to the KCAC than driving across the state or making numerous phone calls,” said Elam Gates, another CPDC advocate. 

Students were able to download the fair’s cell phone app on Google Play, the Apple App Store or through the Fairs App website. The app allowed students to see the entire list of organizations at the event, including information on each company’s focus and which majors for which they were specifically looking.

Most of the organizations’ spokespeople said they all felt this event was highly beneficial to both the students and to them. 

 “I’m an alumnus of IUP,” said Daniel Spittel, UPMC employment specialist. “I like to come back and provide the opportunities and what I got from IUP to current students. There’s always a couple of good students in the spring. We offer a lot of different opportunities for mostly all majors with UPMC, and hopefully we help out graduating students.” 

There were a few first-time recruiters at the career fair. They were still enjoying their time there talking to students and looking for potential interns, volunteers and employees. 

“I just started with AAA,” Hillari Bowling, AAA career specialist said. “It’s my first job/career fair. I’ve gotten three resumes, and I’m really happy about that. My colleagues told me it has been a really good experience in the past.” 

“We are recruiting for a master’s and a bachelor’s level clinician,” Maura Synder of Vanity Family Services said. “This is my first time at a career fair. We have, in the past, gotten good students out of career fairs.”

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