Tristan Weaver (senior, communications media) is the president of the Student Film Association and has been part of the club since his first year at IUP.

Tristan Weaver is a senior communications media major with a journalism and public relations minor who is involved in a number of activities across campus. 

Weaver is the president of the Student Film Association (SFA) and is a crew member on the IUP-TV show “Indie Rocker’s Ball.” 

Weaver initially entered IUP as a business major with plans to one day open his own photography company, in which he has had an interest since high school. But he found the path of a business major was not for him after only one semester.

“I didn’t really like my business classes,” Weaver said, “and I knew kids who were doing comm, and that just seemed like a lot more fun and way more stuff that I wanted to do.” 

Once in the communications department, he found his way quickly to SFA, joining in his first semester. 

“I went pretty much right away,” Weaver said. “I got involved in my freshman year.”

SFA’s goal every semester is to put out a short film. 

Weaver said it recently finished production on “Written,” a romantic comedy. 

Weaver said that while SFA usually holds its own event to screen the film, this semester is different, with the film premiering at the IUP Film Fest on March 31. The festival is a one-day event with the SFA getting its own block.

“We have a block just to show our stuff,” Weaver said. “We’re not in competition, because we have ties to the festival.” 

Weaver said that while he still has an interest in photography, he prefers it more as a hobby and sees film as a likelier career path.

Weaver spends much of his time watching as many films that come out as possible. 

His goal is to build his knowledge base and expand his videography style.

Weaver said that he needs to look back at the classics, though. 

“People ask me about older films, and I just haven’t gone down that road yet,” Weaver said. “I need to, though.”

Weaver said that he is less interested in directing and wants to work more as director of photography with Roger Deakins, being one of his main inspirations. 

“It was actually through SFA, and once I was on a set or two, I realized there’s a lot of crossover [between photography and film], but it’s more involved and I liked the process more of filming something and making a story,” Weaver said.

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