The IUP-TV Sports mobile application is now available for Apple and Android devices. It is free to download and gives access to both live and on-demand sports streams.

Just in time for PSAC football playoffs and the beginning of basketball season, IUP’s communications media department announced the release of a mobile application for IUP-TV Sports on Monday via Facebook.

The app was developed by faculty member Ramy Shaaban and produced by department chair Dr. B. Gail Wilson and broadcasting engineer Chris Barber to give a modern source to tune in to IUP-TV Sports live-streams.

“I came up with the idea for the app,” Wilson said, “and asked [Shaaban] to help create it. We wanted a way for viewers to easily access our live sports productions.”

Before the release, viewers would have to log into an internet browser and navigate their way through IUP athletics to find a “watch” link. Then, viewers would have to select the sport they wanted to view, select whether it was live or on-demand, open more tabs and then, finally, watch the stream.

Now, it’s as easy as a tap of an icon.

“The app goes directly to the Live Events page,” Wilson continued, “but anyone who wants to watch a game on demand can just push the back button at the top of the screen.”

Students that are in the Digital Sports Production class find using the app beneficial to critique the streams. 

IUP-TV Sports color analyst Tristan Borland (junior, communications media ) finds more ease with the accessibility and with streams becoming easier to find.

“The app makes enjoying the games so much more streamlined,” he said, “I can also access the games anywhere. I used to have to send my parents to watch the games, but now they can just open the app and watch wherever and whenever they want.”

The app is free of charge on both Apple and Android devices. 

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