Roy Lynn (junior, social studies education) decided his freshman year he wanted to become a community assistant.

Roy Lynn (junior, social studies education) is a community assistant (CA) who puts his all into his residents at Suites on Pratt. 

He also attended the National Association of College University Residence Halls annual conference at Purdue University last year. 

It’s a conference where residency advisors from across the country meet to discuss how to better create an ideal and diverse learning environment for those living on campus. 

“I went and talked about ways to improve legislation to make the process better and how to improve residence life,” Lynn said. 

“It’s always nice to see leaders from across the country and to see what other people are doing in residence halls.” 

Lynn saw the experience as a way to improve how he runs his residency better. 

Lynn’s desire to become a CA started when he was a freshman. 

“I became a CA because I had a really great group of CAs when I was a freshman,” Lynn said. 

“It inspired me to want to take on that responsibility.” 

Lynn said it was also a good way for him to get a head start on learning for his future role as a teacher.

After two years of being a CA, this is Lynn’s last year since he will student teach his senior year. He views his time as a CA as something that expanded his knowledge, but that it’s time to move on. 

“I take as much as I can get from a situation and then want to pass it along to the next group of people,” Lynn said. 

“My time of giving to the position is running out … It’s one of those things that nobody can do for too long without getting kind of exhausted.” 

Lynn said his interest in teaching comes from him feeling that he can give a lot back to students. 

“I had such a great education growing up,” Lynn said. “That’s something I want to do for children – to make learning fun.” 

Lynn said his interest in social studies education comes not just from having a “knack” for history but also a sense that it’s a particular area that’s lacking in the education system. 

“There’s a lack of motivation, and [social studies] is getting left behind by STEM,” Lynn said. 

Lynn said he wants to enter teaching a diverse area and has plans to go to a more urban area of Colorado after graduating. 

 “It makes the classroom experience all the better for the students,” Lynn said. 

“When students hear perspectives from other students, it makes them reconsider their own and grow as civic individuals and learners.” 

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