The Haven Project’s “It’s On Us” campaign encourages citizens to speak up when they see violence.

The Haven Project tabled in the Stapleton Library on Wednesday to spread awareness on the national campaign “It’s On Us.” 

It’s On Us encourages students and community members to be better bystanders. The campaign teaches students and individuals about power-based violence, sexual violence prevention and more. 

In college, a lot of people witness sexual violence before it happens. If you say something, you can stop the whole situation from happening. 

According to The Haven Project and RAINN.org, college-aged women between the ages of 18–24 are three times more likely than women in general to experience sexual violence.

The Haven Project encourages students and bystanders to speak up. Whether it’s on or off campus, students should be educated and speak up if witnessing someone in trouble. 

They provide counseling and support for students who have experienced sexual violence, domestic and dating violence and stalking. Counseling and consultation is confidential and is provided through IUP’s Counseling Center. 

Survivors and bystanders should know that there are resources and services on campus to help victims of sexual violence, domestic and dating violence and stalking. 

Survivors are important,” MoorAsya Bey (senior, child development and family relations) said. “They are important and have a voice. They should and would be heard. 

“I’m volunteering here today with the Haven Project and tabling in the library because domestic and sexual violence does matter. I’ve witnessed friends and family who have been through it, and they deserve to have a voice, be heard and get information and services to help them. 

“It was uncomfortable and a situation that shouldn’t have happened. I think everyone should pay attention to your loved ones because you never know what’s going on.” 

Students stopped by the table to learn more about the campaign, what resources are available at IUP for victims of violence and how they can offer support to survivors. 

“November is It’s On Us awareness month, and Haven is hosting a lot of events this month surround It’s on Us,” said Gracie Eddy (senior, criminology), peer educator at the Haven Project. “I think that sexual assault on college campuses is an unnecessary epidemic that is super fixable.

“The Haven Project tables at different locations throughout campus, so keep your eyes out for our table. We always have great information and we always bring cool free stuff.” 

The Haven Project’s upcoming events include a Men’s Basketball Game on Friday, Nov. 8 at 7 p.m. in the KCAC, an It’s On Us presentation Nov. 14 in the Hub Susquehanna room at 7 p.m. and tables all month long in the library, including Wedneday in the Hub’s lobby at 11 a.m. (near the gym) and then Nov. 20 in the HSS lobby at 1 p.m. 

The Haven Project educates the IUP community by providing educational programming and awareness campaigns and events. They provide volunteer opportunities, internships and practicums, too.

For more information on the Haven Project, go to iup.edu/haven, email at haven-project@iup.edu, call 724-357-3947 or stop by Suites on Maple-East G-2. 

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