Each year, the IUP Office of Housing, Residential Living and Dining (OHRLD) hosts the Best Dressed Room Contest. 

Last year’s winners were Katherine Tonelli, who won “Best Overall,” Maddie Space, who won “Most Organized,” and Kaitlin Mitchell, who won “Most Creative.” 

The prize for best overall is $75 flex dollars and a $25 Co-op gift card. For most creative, it is $25 flex and a $25 Co-op gift card, along with the best man cave, she shed and fandom room.

This year’s winners names have yet to be released, but pictures of the winning entries are posted in an IUP Office of Housing, Residential Living and Dining Facebook post on Oct. 3.

Residents who were interested in the contest sent pictures of their room to Student Affairs assistant director of communications, Caitlin Aiello.  They also included their names and which residence hall they were living in. 

This contest is a way for students to show off their unique styles and creativity within their personal rooms. 

Students could submit up to four photos of their rooms. In shared-room situations, each individual roommate had to agree to enter the contest. 

Students who work under OHRLD were not able to win prizes. 

Winners are determined by an online voting forum through OHRLD’s Facebook page 


Last year, voting was open for a span of two days. 

Voting is not limited to IUP residents and students only. 

It is public, so friends and family can also vote. The resident with the most liked rooms moves on to being voted by the panel, and it determines the Best Dressed Room winners. 

A lot of students like that the contest gives people a way to show their designing and styling abilities. 

“My room is really neat, but it’s really boring because I don’t have much decoration” Gavin Matherly (freshman, criminology) said. “I think this contest gives people a reason to make their rooms nice.

“This contest is interesting for people who are really interested in interior design or decorating. I like decoration stuff, but I’m just not really creative.” 

Students also like this contest because it gives an opportunity to show an individual’s personal style and creativity through their room. 

“I think it’s a good way to get residents involved,” Dani Wade (senior, accounting) said. “As an RA, I think it gives residents the opportunity to be creative and personal in a space that they can call theirs.

“Every dorm is unique, since every person is unique. It’s interesting to see how people decorate their rooms to make it feel more like home and personalized.” 

Some students find it’s neat to look at other people’s dorms and view the way they decorated their rooms.  

“I was never really into decorating my dorm whenever I lived in the residence halls,” Brighton Plauger (senior, management of information systems) said.“But I think making your dorm a space to call yours, especially if you’re into decorating or are a creative person is a cool thing to show off.” 

“I think it’s cool to see a person’s room and get a specific vibe from it. Some students have plants in their dorms, which make their rooms seem nature-friendly and calm. Others have a lot of pictures of family and friends, which makes the room seem very warm and together.” 

Winning rooms can be viewed on the OHRLD Facebook page. 

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