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Many students plan to go on a vacation this summer.

The semester has come to an end, and IUP students cannot wait to start their summer.

This year proved to have many challenges that came from being in a primarily virtual format for classes. So, students are ready for this break.

While most students plans to work to get some extra cash in their pockets, many have some exciting plans as well.

“I am planning to go home and work, spend time with my friends and family and maybe take a small road trip,” Madison Zimmer (freshman, art education) said.

Zimmer said she is not sure where she will work, but she is looking into working at at a coffee shop and bartending because of the money from tips.

“This summer, I am really looking forward to less stress and opportunities to grow,” Zimmer said.

Evan Orr (junior, actuarial mathematics) is also excited for summer break and has a lot of plans.

“I plan on working through the summer at Coys to make sure I have funds for college,” Orr said.

He wants to see his friends and spend more time with family. He also plans to set aside for time for himself to read, stream shows and movies and work out.

“This might be one of my busiest summers ever since I will have to study a bit before next fall.”

Orr said he did not mind keeping busy though because it will keep him productive and happy.

“My plans for the summer include mainly working and taking small trip with my four main friends,” Haylea Dupain (freshman, criminology) said.

She is not sure where her and her friends plan to go yet, but she knows that they will have fun regardless.

“I am excited for break because I really want to get out of my town,” Dupain said.

When Dupain returns to her home, she will resume work at Old Navy.

Thomas Valcukas (freshman, biology) said that he is planning to visit his family and reconnect with old friends at home.

“I am excited to go back home and start my summer, but I will miss my friends at IUP,” Valcukas said.

Valcukas said that he is not sure if he will get a job or not because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I should get a job, but I am not sure if that will happen or not because it may be hard to find something. I am looking into it though.”

Summer break is a great opportunity to recharge and and enjoy yourself. So, have fun and stay safe.

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