Many of the site’s frequent streamers, like Ludwig, have made videos to address the leak and reveal what parts most people should be concerned about while also demonstrating the math associated with how much streamers regularly earn on the platform. 

Information leaks are always alarming. This time it is no different.

On Oct. 6, the livestreaming platform Twitch experienced a massive leak of its information. The hacker, who remained anonymous, claimed to have released the source code for Twitch among other things.

While there was a lot of information leaked, there was one thing in particular that social media latched onto: the leaked income of the streamers on the platform. While being a relatively small part of the entire leak, it is what took the internet by storm.

“It is definitely pretty concerning that it all was able to be leaked,” Thomas Valcukas (sophomore, biology) said. “It makes me nervous about what else the hacker has access to that they are not releasing. There is probably a lot more that we do not know yet.”

As stated in the original leak, the information presented was only the first part of the entire leak. With what has already been released, it leads people to wonder what exactly could be included.

While the leak could prove to be potentially dangerous, there are some students that are not too concerned with it.

“Honestly, I think there is not a whole lot to worry about,” Isaac Ryer (sophomore, nursing) said. “I mean, sure, the leak is concerning, but, overall, I do not think there will be any large-scale consequences of this.”

With so many different opinions on the matter as well as a feeling of uncertainty, there is no way to know what will actually come of the leak. Whether there are large-scale changes made to Twitch to prevent this in the future or not, there is a lot of people that just want to know how safe their own individual accounts are.

As of right now, there is no way to know if any personal information is included in the information obtained by the hacker. With no way to know what the hacker knows, it only raises the feelings of uncertainty that many are experiencing.

“We can confirm that a break has taken place,” Twitch said in a statement on Twitter. “Our teams are working with urgency to understand the extent of this. We will update the community as soon as additional information is available.”

Twitch also released a blog post,, identifying some aspects of the leak and what was not included. For example, since Twitch itself does not store entire credit card numbers, there is no danger for those to be leaked.

As for what social media latched onto, income for streamers on the streaming service was also leaked. The leaked numbers cover subscriptions by viewers either by the normal subscription amount or through Twitch Prime. This leaked information led to a great deal of anger directed towards different streamers for how much they make.

It is important to note that this information was already publicly available by most streamers since many of them display their subscription amounts on screen at all times, requiring relatively simple math to calculate an estimate of how much a streamer makes through subscriptions.

No matter what you believe, or if you are concerned about the leak, be assured that Twitch is handling the situation. If you have an account on Twitch, change your password and turn on two-factor authorization just to be safe in the event of a personal password leak.

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