Singer Prince passed away three years ago Sunday.

This article contains opinion.

“We are gathered here today to get through this thing called life,” said Prince, whose own life was cut short April 21 three years ago at the age of 57.

His death left fans shocked and devastated.

Born Prince Rogers Nelson, he was a prominent singer and songwriter for more than 40 years. 

Some of his most popular work had been in the 1980s with his band, The Revolution.

Prince was known for his controversial lyrics and for blurring the lines on gender conformity through his music and wardrobe. Songs such as “Controversy” and “If I Was Your Girlfriend” further pushed these boundaries.

One of his most famous stints was when he changed his name to an unpronounceable symbol, leaving the press to call him “The Artist Formerly Known as Prince” in 1993 until he changed his name back in 2000.

Along with music, Prince had been able to break into acting with the commercially successful film “Purple Rain.”

Claire Tudor (junior, music) is a fan of Prince and said that he continues to be an inspiration for the people that do not fit the norm of society.

“He’s the perfect example of ‘it doesn’t matter who you are, how you act, or how you look. You can be an amazing musician. Just be yourself and do what you want,’” Tudor said.

Tudor cited Prince and David Bowie, who also died three years ago, for being powerful androgynous figures in the music world.

“They weren’t afraid to be who they were,” she said. “I think that makes them geniuses.”

Prince himself once stated how he had been uncomfortable with the way masculinity was defined and portrayed. Even the symbol he changed his name to mended the male and female symbols together.

After three years, Prince’s cause of death is still being debated, much like most parts of his life had been when he was alive.

Fans continue to mourn his death. Hundreds visit his estate, Paisley Park Studios in Minnesota, which has been open to the public to tour since October 2016, six months after his death.

Prince had been a versatile performer who recorded hundreds of songs while also writing hits for other artists. The skills he possessed has some label him as one of music’s biggest and most influential artists of all time. 

“If long life is what we all live for, then long life will come to pass.”

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