Kahoot! Is a fun way to test your knowledge.

The Health and Wellness Promotion Peer Educators hosted a virtual Kahoot trivia event for students to test their knowledge from 7-8:30 p.m. Sept. 24 via Zoom.

Despite its scheduled time, the event only lasted 32 minutes as the competition was fierce.

The trivia night consisted of three rounds. The first round was dedicated to celebrity and music. This was quickly followed by a SpongeBob trivia round and the final round consisted of general Nickelodeon trivia.

For several rounds, the top five, or leaderboard, were only 100 points from each other.

Despite a moderate turnout of around a dozen people, a group of friends and roommates held the leaderboards for several rounds and won the final two games.

“This was a challenging game compared to the other Kahoots I’ve joined into,” Eric Goins (freshman, computer science) said. “Some of the questions made me think.”

The questions ranged from “What member left One Direction in 2015?” to “Where did Mr. Krabs and Plankton go to school?”

The Health and Wellness Promotion Peer Educators host these Kahoot trivia nights every Thursday from 7-8:30 p.m.

First place winners receive a mystery prize. The winner of the celebrity and music round was a player going by the name “MC,” and they had 18 out of the 20 questions correct. MC was followed by a player named Corrine who only missed one more question than MC and Eric G. (Eric Goins) received the third-place title for the round.

The SpongeBob lineup in the second round ran a bit differently.

“Bennyboy” (Ben Swanson), took home the first-place prize. “Sammyboy” (Sam Shelenberger) received the second-place prize, and “Smileyboy” (Miles Basinger) received third place. Smileyboy also won first place in the third round.

Students who had the chance to participate in trivia night gave some positive feedback for the event.

“It was fun playing Kahoot with everyone,” Miles Basinger (freshman, music education) said.

Eric Goins said it was a nice break from the homework and typical stress of college.

“If that and having fun were the intended purpose of Thursday’s event, then it definitely reached its intended purpose,” he said.

Troy Florian (freshman, undeclared) believes the event was fun and well-organized, and he successfully received third place in the Nickelodeon round of Kahoot.

All-in-all, Thursday night trivia with the Health and Wellness Promotion and Peer Educators is a recommended event for anyone who wants to forget about their worries for a while and get a chance to win a few cool prizes.

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