“Love of My Life” by Queen (left) and “The Greatest Love of All” by Whitney Houston (right) are two great love songs to convey your feelings for that special someone.

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Sometimes, music is better at expressing how a person feels than actual words are. 

On Valentine's Day, expressing love can be nerve-wracking and difficult, so why not use music?

As a person who uses music for every emotion and thought, I came up with 10 songs that would work great to express feelings this Friday. Whether only one or all of them, I can guarantee there is something on here that will work wonders.


“(They Long to Be) Close to You” The Carpenters 


Anyone who knows me would not be surprised by me adding The Carpenters to the list. This cover of the 1960s song by Richard Chamberlain was the band’s first hit and possibly their most popular song.

Karen Carpenter’s contralto singing voice is deep yet gentle. Listening to it, you truly believe her love and adoration for whomever she is singing to. The added-in harmonizing from the other band members adds a spine-chilling aura that is perfect for a deep romantic mood. 

“Close to You” is also the song that plays during one of the most tear jerking parts of “The Simpsons Movie.” You really cannot go wrong here.


“Your Song”

Elton John


Out of all of the songs on this list, this is probably one of the most popular. This ode to a true love is filled with John’s soft piano playing and powerful vocals. It shows an expression of someone’s love, even if they make some mistakes along the way. 

John mentions forgetting if their eyes are green or blue. While that can be a hard mistake to make when you are with someone long enough, couples do make mistakes or forget little details about each other all of the time. Maybe John is just so in awe of the other person that the tiny details are less important.

Dedicating this song to someone you care about will definitely make them feel special. Hopefully, they do not mind.


“The Greatest Love of All”

Whitney Houston


Sure, I could have easily put “I Will Always Love You” here, but that song is more of a breakup song, in my opinion. This song shows off Houston’s true passion for the other person as she belts out how important they are to her.

What I enjoy about this song is that it is not only for romance. It can easily be used toward a true friend or a parent to a child. Houston’s raw emotion is hard to ignore here, and she demands attention. Playing this for your true love would definitely let them know how much they mean to them and keep away any doubt they might have.


“How Deep is Your Love?”

Bee Gees


Though the Bee Gees are known for their upbeat and disco-filled tunes, this ballad takes a step back and offers the listener a gentle and romantic approach. The three Gibb brothers sing and harmonize about all of the amazing things their love has done for them, citing them as their savior. 

Even when times get tough and other people try to keep them down, they know that they have each other. It shows the trials and tribulations that many couples might find themselves going through. The only question asks if the other person loves them the same way.

If you find yourself wondering how your love feels or are having trouble expressing your own thoughts, this song has your back. 

“Dreaming of You”

Selena Quintanilla


I am adamant that, had she lived, Quintanilla would have gone on to be one of the most famous figures in pop music to date. Despite this, she is still very important for mixing Tejano music into the American airwaves. Coming from her final album, this title track is the perfect song for any slow dance. 

This song would show your love how important they are by expressing the amount of time you think about them. So much that they are even a part of your dreams. Not only would it let them know they are important to you, but they are a huge part of your whole world. 

I recommend looking at the love story between Quintanilla and her widower, Chris Perez. It will show you what romance is truly about. 


“In My Life”

The Beatles


The Beatles have a lot of love songs in their collection. While “Something” is one of my favorites, “In My Life” sticks out to me for different reasons. It is told through the words of someone who has been through a lot and met so many people. In fact, they probably had other romances. 

Despite it all, they still love the person they are singing to more than any of the others. Even if this person was not in their life for as long as the others, they remain the most important figure they know. 

It is common to meet many different people and fall in love more than once, but once you are certain a person is your soulmate, you are certain. This tune is a perfect way to express that. Besides, you can never go wrong with a Beatles song.


“Dedicated to the One I Love”

The Mamas and the Papas


Though not the original version of this song, it is the most romantic, thanks to Michelle Phillips’ haunting vocals. The song’s lyrics discuss how hard it is to be apart from the one you love most and only asks that they hold you in their heart and pray for you.

Each member of this band’s singing holds real passion, and they synch together in a very beautiful fashion. It shows a strong and raw sense of emotion that not all songs are capable of doing. It is perfect for couples who may find themselves more long distance, something many in college might go through. 


“Change the World”

Eric Clapton


Not as slow as the other songs on the list and not as “dreamy” as his song “Wonderful Tonight,” Clapton is more straightforward and blunt about his feelings in the 1990s song. He tells his love all of the things he would do for them if it were possible, including making himself the sunshine of their universe. 

Anyone who has been in love wants to do as much as possible to make that person know how important they are to them. This song is a more upbeat way of trying to express that. If you are not as much into sappy slow songs, this is the perfect add to the playlist.

“Love of My Life”



Written for his girlfriend, Mary Austin, at the time, Freddie Mercury showed how much she truly mattered to him in this romantic ode. Though they did not stay together, Mercury would still later call her the love of his life and gave her a lot of his estate when he passed away. 

This song shows off that dedication perfectly. Though a bit more melancholy than other songs on the list, the story behind the words is one of a powerful and deep connection. Bonding with someone on every level does not come often, so treasuring it in this way is definitely an important note to take.


“Popsicles and Icicles”

The Murmaids


This song is mainly on here as it is the song my boyfriend and I chose as “ours.” It is one of the first songs I showed him, and it has remained on both of our playlists to date. A one-hit wonder, this is a super rare gem that describes the boy that the singer loves and everything that he enjoys.

When a person is in love, they are willing to take on anything, including all of their love’s quirks and interests. If you love them enough, those quirks just become more special. They are still perfect in their own way. This song is great when you want to tell someone that you accept all parts of them.

Even though there are thousands of songs that could be added to this list, this top 10 is a good way to start off any playlist. Think of it like burning a CD for your crush in the early 2000s and make your Valentine a romantic playlist.

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