Croft got her tattoo on her eighteenth birthday to commemorate where she was originally born. 

WHO: Chloe Croft (freshman, safety, health and environmental applied sciences) 

WHAT: It is the outline of the state of Tennessee with the words “Talkin’ Tennessee” above it.

WHERE: Side of hip

TATTOO SHOP: Total Commitment Tattoo, Richland, Pa.

PAIN LEVEL: “It did not hurt,” Croft said.

MEANING: “The reason why I got it was because I was born in Tennessee, so I thought why not get the outline,” Croft said. “Then I later got one of my favorite songs tattooed above it. I got it on my eighteenth birthday.”

REACTIONS: “Everyone thinks it’s funny and creative how I did it,” Croft said.

FUN FACT: “In the summer, the inside of (the outline) doesn’t tan,” Croft said. “It stays white so I think that’s pretty cool.”

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