Street art depicting superheroes. 

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“The Boys” gained a lot of popularity from being a modern-day take on America that feeds into the superhero franchise we are consumed by. 

This series is aimed at the notion of evil hiding behind being patriotic and hidden by what wearing a cape means. 

The ‘team’ of superheroes that the series follows is called The Seven, can you guess why? It’s because there are seven members.

The heroes look like a Great Value recreation of the DC heroes we know and love, such Superman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman and more. 

Although, it isn’t DC that they are recreating it’s more along the terms of superheros in general. 

“The Boys” incorporates real world pop-culture references to keep it up-to-date and make it seem more realistic as the episodes air on Amazon Prime videos platform. The show is informed by a deep cynicism with undertones of subtle facism. 

While the second series is coming out, the themes will be sharpened to show a broader theme of realism into the show. 

The plot is adapted from a popular comic, “The Boys.” It is expanding its lens beyond Marvel and DC franchises. Amazon has already approved the third season. Which is exciting news for fans of “The Boys.” 

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