Students gathered in teams of five Wednesday in the Hadley Union Building (HUB) Ohio Room for a night of fun and chances to win cash prizes. 

STATIC (The Student Activity Committee) hosted Family Feud, the second game show in STATIC’s lineup for the semester. 

It was STATIC’s first time hosting Family Feud, and the group made sure it was as close to the original TV game show as possible. It had the popular show’s same buzzing sounds, screen and overall format. 

Ten teams played five rounds. Every round except the final (fifth) round involved teams of five that either pre-registered before the event or registered at the doors. Because there were so many teams that registered and limited time and prizes, STATIC members chose the 10 teams and the final round’s individual players randomly. 

The event mirrored the game show in that the first person to buzz in and get an answer correct on the board went on to the Fast Money Round. STATIC members made sure they utilized the limited time they were given and instead of having multiple rounds per two teams, the team to win went on to the Fast Money round and could win $500 in total. 

“I think it went really well, and the set looks amazing,” Taylor Valente (junior, psychology) said. “It’s the first time STATIC is hosting Family Feud, and it’s a great turnout.” 

The winning team went on to play the Fast Money Round in which two players from the team of five tried to find the top answers to the five survey questions asked. 

The questions were IUP-specific and were surveyed from IUP students. Some of the questions in the first face-off round included questions like “Name something students do to avoid doing a paper” and “Name a reason why IUP students would skip class.” 

The teams received $1 for every point that they got in the Fast Money Round, and it was split amongst each of the five team members. A few teams got more than 200 points, resulting in a win for the Fast Money Round and were able to receive the maximum grand prize of $500, $100 per individual. 

Even the losing teams were awarded compensation for participation with each member receiving a Sheetz gift card. 

“Although my team didn’t win and go to the Fast Money Round, we were still rewarded with a $5 Sheetz card,” Alina Withers (junior, criminology/pre-law) said. “I thought it was a really fun event, and I had fun with my team.” 

STATIC passed out tickets at the front doors. On top of the cash prize for Family Feud, in between rounds and getting people their money or Sheetz gift cards, STATIC had raffle baskets as prizes. 

Some students came to the event in hope of playing Family Feud, while others came to cheer on participants. 

“I kind of wanted to get out of my room and take a break from studying and see the game show,” Britney Polaski (freshman, criminology) said. “I wanted to potentially meet new people, too.” 

The audience was interactive with participation with clapping and cheering toward fellow students. 

“I grew up with game shows, and I suggested it,” said Mike Corona (junior, communications media), STATIC music chair and Family Feud presenter). “STATIC’s executive board came up with the idea collectively, and we figured Family Feud would be more popular to the students. 

“I thought it went very well but that the transitions could have been smoother. That’s what can be learned and improved from this first time run, but I thought it went well and the turnout was very good.”

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