Some students travel to places such as Disney World over spring break.

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Spring break, the favored holiday of students campus-wide, and precursor for IUPatty’s, will last from the end of classes Friday until Sunday, March 17.

But how will students be celebrating their spring breaks away from school?

The most common answer was staying home and catching up on sleep, and assignments or rank on Call of Duty. 

Liam Noble (sophomore, communications media), William Torres (sophomore, communications media) and Emily DuHaime (sophomore, criminology and criminal justice), who all reside in different areas of Philadelphia, shared common plans for the week.

“I’m going to Philadelphia to spend time with family and friends that I haven’t seen in forever because of the distance,” Noble said of his plans. “It will be great to see them again and catch up.”

Torres said he will be spending his time “binging movies and eating at my favorite ramen shop, Yamitsuki, while also studying periodically.” 

Meanwhile, DuHaime looks to master her sharpshooter skills and visit family. 

“I’m not doing much during break, but I’m going into the city (Philadelphia) on Saturday, and then I’m going to the shooting range later in the week,” she said. “But other than that, I’m just going to probably relax and see my friends from home.”

While break can mean an opportunity for fun, it can also be a very beneficial time for students. Since the semester can be a stressful time, they oftentimes lose sleep. Some students look to count some sheep while they have the time. 

Hunter Mitchell (freshman, nursing) put it bluntly when sharing about his spring break activities. 

“I plan on sleeping all day, every day,” he said.

A few students plan on putting their time to good use by earning some spending money, working the majority of their breaks.

Kaitlyn Dotts (junior, communications media), a student employee on campus, said her break will be “lame, since I’ll be working on campus. It’ll be like I never left.”

Mary Heiple (sophomore, biology), who has a job back in her hometown, has her own motivation to work. 

“I’m broke as ever,” she said as her reason for working over break.

Another student assumes double duty at home. E.J. Fabiszewski (freshman, communications media), will be working two jobs.

But there were a few students that have other ideas.

Lauren Eylicio (freshman, theater) plans to travel and visit some historic landmarks down South.

“I’m going to Virginia to visit Thomas Jefferson’s house and other historical sites,” Eylicio said. “Essentially, it’s an educational vacation.” 

On the other hand, some students plan on spending their breaks with all play and no work. McHale Baden (sophomore, theater) plans to have a very magical break.

“I’m actually going to Disney World with my family over break,” Baden said. “Since the semester can be hard, we figured a getaway filled with fun, laughter and warm weather is what we needed.”

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