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Students discuss changes to spring break

Students received an email Nov. 10 with announcements about changes to the spring semester, including the dates of our spring break.

It had been previously announced that the break would no longer be one week, but seven separate “self-care” days.

These days are Feb. 25-26, March 13-14, April 5-6 and April 21. Two of these are weekend days.

Students’ initial reactions to the changes to the break were negative. Many students usually take destination trips or travel home to see family.

With these recent changes, students now have to alter or change the plans they might have previously planned.

“I’m not necessarily happy with the change to the spring break,” Maran Davis (senior, fashion merchandising) said. “I feel that spring break is a week that everyone looks forward to during the semester as a way to unwind and to do something fun.”

While non-class days are nice, it doesn’t decrease the amount of work students will most likely have to do. Usually, spring break gives students the opportunity to have an extended period of time off from assignments or to get a head start on classwork for the rest of the semester.

“I don’t think we needed to change the break,” Aaron Hoda (senior, criminology) said. “It’s what worked best for all of the students.”

When the dates were released, many students immediately noticed the fact that they gave us two weekend days off: Saturday, March 13 and Sunday, March 14.

“I think that they gave us seven days to kind of make up for the fact that they are cutting our spring break and trying to also make the students and faculty happy,” Davis said.

Some students took to social media to express their disinterest about the break and even went as far as to repost memes about it.

“It’s not really time off, but it will allow us to take a small break from the constant work and Zoom classes,” she said.

One good thing about the selected days is that IUP did give us two long weekends in February and April. While it might not be as beneficial as seven days in a row, it still gives students the opportunity to plan a small trip home or a short vacation.

“I personally don’t have any plans, but I think students will still try and fit some plans in during these short breaks,” she said.

Davis also said that she thinks there isn’t much time to even make plans due to the shortness of these small breaks. She said that it would be possible to take a day trip but not much else.

Other students will most likely use these days to do schoolwork.

“I’m probably going to catch up on homework or try to get ahead of upcoming assignments,” Hoda said. “I don’t think the days selected for days off are fair to students who may need that spring break time off.”

With the pandemic continuing to trouble our society, it’s also important to note that no matter what you plan to do for spring break, don’t forget to practice social distancing.

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