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Music is a diverse art form that can help people escape reality in a matter of minutes.

Finals week during college is often a time full of stress and last-minute work, and a lot of students are studying for finals and catching up on work. 

Music can be a great stress reliever and helpful in getting students’ minds off school work. It can also help students focus on the material they are trying to study.

Music is often what helps individuals in different ways get through hard times in their lives. It’s an escape that allows them to feel and express certain emotions. 

Many college students listen to more than one genre of music.

“During finals week, I like to listen to all different types of genres,” Tara Kenna (senior, pre-med.) said. “I listen to jazz, pop like Hannah Montana, country and hip-hop. I’m very diverse.” 

Others like pop music and like today’s top hits. 

“I like to listen to Beyoncé’s new album, ‘Lemonade,’ because it’s life-changing” Morgan Bailey (freshman, Spanish education) said. “I also really like to listen to Khalid’s album because he’s a great artistic, and his music is very motivational and calming.” 

For other students, it depends on their mood and the environment or situation they’re in.

“It depends,” Samantha Pilch (junior, English) said. “If it’s late at night and I have to write a paper or study, I’ll listen to more energetic music so I can be engaged. If I’m not doing any work and I’m trying to relax, I’ll listen to calm music.” 

Some students like different genres based on the decade and specific time period they’re in. 

“I like to listen to ‘90s and early 2000s pop punk,” Bryanna Thompson (freshman, undecided) said. “I also like calming music.” 

Some students rarely get any relaxing time to themselves after studying and going to classes all day. Therefore, it is nice if there’s enough time in the day after school work and studying to relax and wind down to a movie. 

Netflix and Hulu are a college student’s best friend. They’re easily accessible and offer a diverse array of options. 

Netflix has different genres of movies, and although Hulu is primarily a television-based streaming service, it offers some movies, too. 

A lot of college students rely on Netflix to supply them their hour and a half to two hours of movie time when they’re done studying. 

“I recently watched ‘Someone Great’ on Netflix,” Amanda Utter (sophomore, early childhood/special education) said. “It’s a romance and drama movie. I love romance movies.” 

Teenage drama and romance are popular on Netflix. “Feel-good” movies, like the newly released movies that focus on high school, teenage drama and romance, are flooding Netflix. 

“I like the movie, ‘To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before’ on Netflix,” Halley Murray (sophomore, interior design) said. “It is a feel-good movie.” 

Others like a change of pace and want to be scared or laughing after a hard day’s work of studying and school work. “I like to watch either horror movies or comedies,” Kaeli Leonard (sophomore, interior design) said. “It’s a good distraction from the work.”

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